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Auction Block: 1987 Porsche 944 Safari By Rindt Vehicle Design

Auction Block 1987 Porsche 944 Safari 0 Hero
Photos: Collecting Cars | Rindt Vehicle Design

Around the turn of the millennium, the concept of chopping up and irreversibly modifying a vintage Porsche model was widely viewed as being a pretty sacrilegious endeavor. Since that time, the space and culture have been massively influenced by individuals like Magnus Walker and Rod Emory who turn their nose at staunch traditionalists and simply build what they like and what personally speaks to them. And one of the most popular styles of modified Porsche builds today is undoubtedly safari projects, such as this ultra-clean freshly-finished 944 build that’s now seeking a new home. 

Auction Block 1987 Porsche 944 Safari 1
Photo: Collecting Cars | Rindt Vehicle Design

Starting with a 1987 model year, five-speed manual 944 donor, this one-off work was built by Rindt Vehicle Design — a Hatch, UK-based customs shop and Porsche marque specialist that works on everything from restorations to race cars to EV conversions. With this 944, the shop can also add safari builds to its list of services. To bolster the Porsche’s go-anywhere capabilities, Rindt has bestowed the donor car with a limited-slip differential, a perforated aluminum skid plate, and a set of blacked-out Turbo Cup wheels wrapped in Maxxis Wormdrive AT tires. The team at Rindt also approached its go-to suspension supplier Nitron to have the company develop a custom off-road suspension setup for the 944 Safari with a roughly 1.5” lift. The 944’s stock pop-up headlights have been supplemented via a hood-mounted three-unit light pod with a body-color-matched cover and an additional pair of SIM auxiliary lights just above the windshield. 

Auction Block 1987 Porsche 944 Safari 2
Photo: Collecting Cars | Rindt Vehicle Design

The exterior of the 944 has also been fully respraid in a gloss Irish Green livery before being fitted with a wind-deflector-equipped roof rack. Though left largely stock, the beige cloth interior of this righthand drive 944 has been treated to a few additions and aftermarket items including a short-throw shifter, toggle switch auxiliary light controls, an upgraded Kenwood head unit, a Brantz rally timer, and a Sabelt three-arm steering wheel. It’s by no means the most elaborate or transformative of Porsche off-roaders, though, like any decent safari build worth its salt, it features everything needed to enjoy some high-adrenaline sports car off-roading — not to mention the fact this 944 Safari would be a fantastic platform to further build out for more hardcore off-roading or overlanding.

Auction Block 1987 Porsche 944 Safari 3
Photo: Collecting Cars | Rindt Vehicle Design

Currently located in Berkshire in the United Kingdom with just 132,967 miles on the clock, this 1987 Porsche 944 Safari by Rindt Vehicle Design is slated to soon hit the online auction block of Collecting Cars.