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Alpine Hints at a Possible Future with the Hydrogen-Powered A4810

With its strong racing history in every category from rally racing to Formula One, Alpine certainly has a past worth celebrating. But that isn’t keeping the French automaker from looking toward the future, as Alpine has just unveiled a stunning hydrogen-powered supercar concept.

The concept, dubbed the Alpine A4810, looks to honor the marque’s legacy while also ensuring a trailblazing future. The A4810 was designed by students at the Istituto Europeo di Design, better known in English as the IED design school, after being supplied with a brief from the Alpine team to come up with a “super berlinette” for the year 2035. We’d say they accomplished their mission with flying colors.

While there are no specific details about the powertrain, the two-seater concept is powered by hydrogen, a sustainable technology that has yet to catch on as manufacturers have thrown their eggs in the electrification basket instead. But hey, maybe that will change by 2035. The body of the car is where the design team’s imagination really shines through, however, as it’s filled with aerodynamic cutouts inspired by F1. Carbon fiber appears throughout the body, including, it appears, in the massive front splitter. The concept also makes some intriguing use of lighting, with transparent LED taillight blades and a thin strip of LEDs running across the front bumper.

The car was named A4810 as a tribute to Montblanc’s height of 4,810m. The highest peak in the Alps, the mountain straddles the Italian and French border, serving as a symbolic bridge between Alpine and IED. Although we can’t say for sure what Alpine’s future will look like, if its cars end up anything looking like the A4810, then 2035 can’t come soon enough.

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Photo: Alpine