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Toyota Takes Aim At the Rolls-Royce Cullinan With Its Ultra-Luxe Century SUV

2024 Toyota Century 0 Hero
Photos: Toyota

Originally debuting in the mid 1960s, the Toyota Century is a range of luxurious full-sized vehicles primarily aimed at politicians, executives, and other dignitaries. And while the latest iterations of the Century have taken aim squarely at models from the world’s most elite automakers like Bentley and Rolls-Royce, Toyota is now looking to increase its dominance in this elite space with the debut of a new sport utility vehicle variant of the ultra-lux Century. 

2024 Toyota Century 1
Photo: Toyota

Applying the chauffeur-driven model’s existing design language to an SUV, the 2024 Toyota Century SUV maintains the wildly plush nature of the sedan while boasting more seating space. The entire vehicle is constructed around a new body structure that’s been engineered with an immense focus on passenger comfort. In addition to four-wheel steering, the Century SUV also features a super plush suspension setup and an all-new Rear Comfort mode that supports provides additional damping and mitigates jolts during harder braking. The SUV’s chassis also benefits from the addition of what’s called a “luggage compartment separate structure.” The entire thing also tips the at 5,665lbs, which is only 440lbs more than the existing sedan variant.

2024 Toyota Century 2
Photo: Toyota

From the outside, the Century SUV looks much more like an exclusive European model than it does any existing Toyota — other than of course the Century Sedan. Moving inside, the interior features an executive-style rear seating configuration with reclining seats, fold-down tables, and a host of other amenities and creature comforts. The rear portion of the cabin can also be closed off from the driver’s area in a bid to provide privacy. Powering Toyota’s new Century SUV is a 3.5-liter V6 engine paired with a plug-in hybrid drive system. Unsurprisingly, the SUV also comes loaded with some of the latest and greatest safety systems and features that money can currently buy. 

2024 Toyota Century 3
Photo: Toyota

The 2024 Toyota Century SUV is available for order now, with pricing starting at ¥25,000,000 (~ $169,350). And, while thus far the vehicle is only available in the Japanese market, it will become available in other regions in the future.