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Hakosan Renders a Cyberpunk-Inspired 992-Gen-Based Porsche 935 Tribute

Photos: Hakosan Designs

In the fall of 2018, Porsche unveiled a contemporary imagining of its fabled 935 Le Mans racer — a 991-gen single-seater race car that was based on the 911 GT2 RS and limited to just 77 units — a nod to the year the original 935 debuted in 1977. And with an unwavering love of 1960s and ‘70s race cars, renowned concept artist Luis González of Spain’s Hakosan Designs has recently opted to revisit the 935 to deliver a cyberpunk-inspired LM-spec slant nose based on the latest 992-generation of Porsche’s iconic 911.

Starting with a new 911 model, Hakosan’s newest rendered work is instantly recognizable as a 935 homage, though, unlike Porsche’s official 2018 model that remained truer to the original, Luis’ take on the car has been outfitted with a modern Le Mans-style aero kit crafted from partially exposed forged carbon fiber. Also boasting an unmistakable dash of retro-futurism, the Hakosan 935’s aero kit includes NACA-esque rear quarter window intakes, LM-style mirrors, side skirts, flared front fenders, and open rear fenders capped off with aero blades. This modernized imagining of the “Moby Dick” racer also sports a contemporary version of the 935’s “Flachbau” front-end, complete with the multiple air scoops — a la the latest GT3 model — as well as a quad micro-LED headlight arrangement tucked into the front-end’s lower intakes.

The aft-end of the concept has also received a massive rear wing and a custom diffuser setup that accommodates a quad pipe muffler arrangement and leaves the racer’s pair of turbochargers on partial display. The Alicante-based automotive concept artist has also produced a total of three different versions of this contemporary 935 concept; an LM-spec model dressed in a pink Bisimoto Engineering livery; a race version adorned in the iconic orange Jägermeister livery from Kremer 935’s; and a slightly less aggressive, street-legal version of the 992-based concept that has a less involved aero setup. “My inspiration for the project came from Kremer’s 935 K4 racer but obviously much more contemporary, being a more modern and radical retro version of the current 992,” Luis tells HICONSUMPTION. “I’d say the main difference between my concept and Porsche’s 991-based version is the hybrid and biofuel-powered mechanics, as well as more of an urban styling. The liveries were a tribute to the ‘80s along with a bit of my own personal style.”

Not only has Hakosan Designs delivered a stunning render, but its 922-based 935 concept also demonstrates that its idiosyncratic style of retro-futurism works just as well on modern makes and models as it does vintage classics.

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Photo: Hakosan Designs
Photo: Hakosan Designs
Photo: Hakosan Designs