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Oil Stain Labs Is Finally Selling Its Vintage-Inspired Half11 Porsche Custom Build

Oilstainlab Half11 Prototype 0 Hero
Photo: Oil Stain Labs | The Arsenale

In 2021, twin brothers Iliya and Nikita Bridan presented their Half11 prototype Porsche to the world, naming it after the fact that it only looks halfway (at the most) like an old 911 race car. At first glance, one could have called the project sinful for how it deviates from what we know as the iconic Porsche design language. However, digging deeper, you’ll discover that the Bridans’ Half11 is actually one of the most reverent builds out there despite not looking exactly like any particular model, inspired by the marque’s racers from the ‘60s and ‘70s, albeit reimagined. Now, the designers’ brand Oil Stain Labs has decided to finally sell the Half11 to the public.

Oilstainlab Half11 Prototype 1
Photo: Oil Stain Labs | The Arsenale

Priced at a clean $600,000, the Half11 production vehicle looks just like the concept. Just like the F1 cars it’s inspired by, the vehicle is built with a custom-fabricated tubular steel chassis, designed here by Joe Scarbo of Scarbo Performance, and a hand-fabricated aluminum body with the number “11” on the livery. Thanks to a JMS Racing Chevy LS V8 engine, the Half11 boasts 650hp, 650lb.ft of torque, and a 0 to 60 of just 2.5 seconds despite weighing 1,850lbs. Likewise, it has a top speed of 200mph.

Oilstainlab Half11 Prototype 2
Photo: Oil Stain Labs | The Arsenale

Built in the Bridans’ California shop, the Half11 is also capable of receiving bespoke customization options like personalized bodywork, low drag performance, or a long-tail design. Other powertrain features include the push-rod-actuated Öhlins dampers, a 911 GT2 six-speed manual transmission from a 996 Porsche, and rear-wheel drive. Despite Oil Stain Labs billing this ride as a once-competing race car, the Half11 is nonetheless original and unique to this era. However, the spirit of Golden Age Porsches is certainly at the helm of this beautiful build.

Oilstainlab Half11 Prototype 3
Photo: Oil Stain Labs | The Arsenale

Only 25 examples will be made of the Half11, priced at $600,000. Head over to The Arsenale to reserve one now. Deliveries are expected for late 2023.