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The Production Model of the Volkswagen ID.BUZZ Looks Groovier Than Ever

Photo: Volkswagen

It seems like a lifetime has passed since Volkswagen announced they were making the ID.BUZZ, a modernized electric version of their iconic van — the VW Bus — back in 2017. Since then, fans throughout the automotive space have been subsisting on little more than leaks and unsubstantiated rumors as they waited for official updates. Now, almost five years later, the German automaker has more than made good on their promise to bring back their famous bus by teasing a bonafide (and spectacularly groovy) production model of the ID.BUZZ.

It was a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it scenario, but at the end of a digital conference that featured the brand’s new ID.5 and ID.5 GTX, Volkswagen showed the production model of the ID.BUZZ. At first glance, the production model of the ID.BUZZ looks like a concept. The electric bus features a sleek, futuristic design with an almost complete absence of hard angles. Moreover, the ID.BUZZ has what has to be the most psychedelic wrap ever to grace a van. In true neo-hippie fashion, the color scheme of the wrap captures virtually every color in the spectrum, which is perfectly contrasted by the white color of the van. Most impressively, the van itself actually mirrors the widely-loved design of the concept that inspired it, though the production model sports connected headlights and a more aggressive front grille. Despite the wait of half a decade, Volkswagen truly delivered a van that would do its hippie ancestors proud.

Hopefully the production version can retain or even improve upon the power output of 275 kW and impressive 372 mile range that its concept counterpart sported in test runs. The ID.BUZZ will be an addition to Volkswagen’s ID. lineup of electric vehicles and a big part of their plan to eventually reach zero emissions. Volkswagen plans on officially unveiling the official specs and release of the ID.BUZZ in early 2022.

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