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Khyzyl Saleem Steps Out of His Comfort Zone with a Range Rover Pre-Runner

Photos: Khyzyl Saleem | Hagerty

Over the last five weeks, we’ve thoroughly enjoyed getting a behind-the-scenes look at the design process of one of our all-time favorite concept artists, Khyzyl Saleem, through Hagerty’s ongoing Rendered series. And while thus far we’ve seen the Kyza deliver a handful of thoroughly slammed vehicles, for the series’ latest installment, Saleem has opted to step well out of his comfort zone to deliver a ruggedized, Baja-ready pre-runner concept based on the new Range Rover.

Beginning as a 2022 Land Rover Range Rover SV, the project — which was rendered using Autodesk 3ds Max — sees the digital donor bestowed with the bonafide pre-runner treatment. This includes the addition of Saleem’s typically ultra-flared wheel wells and fenders, however, unlike most of his super-slammed works, the Rover has gone in the opposite direction, receiving a full lift kit. Cloaked in exposed carbon fiber bodywork throughout, the project also hugely benefitted from the Kyza being supplied with CAD data of a genuine pre-runner chassis and suspension setup that he used to create the project’s custom tubular steel chassis and Dakar-grade integrated roll-cage.

Housed within the tubular framework is a mid-placed V10 engine that now ejects spent fumes via a central-exiting exhaust poking out from the back of the Range Rover’s tailgate. The modified, aft-end of the luxury SUV also now houses the project’s fuel tank and cooling systems. The Rover has also been given a redesigned headlight and taillight arrangement, along with a lightly-tweaked grille setup. The final piece of the puzzle would be equipping the pre-runner with an off-road-specific wheel set that’s appropriately been shod in BFGoodrich Baja T/A desert racing tires.

Like all of Saleem’s work, this pre-runner concept puts the designer’s world-class talent on full display, though the project also clearly demonstrates that the Kyza can deliver a show-stopper, no matter the genre or style of vehicle. Be sure to check Hagerty’s Youtube channel next week for the next episode of Rendered.

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Photo: Khyzyl Saleem | Hagerty
Photo: Khyzyl Saleem | Hagerty
Photo: Khyzyl Saleem | Hagerty