This Versatile WFH Mat Will Declutter Your Desk, Charge Your Tech, & More

While there’s no denying that working in a digital age enables unprecedented productivity, it does have its downsides. Clutter, for instance, is pretty much inevitable, as the many cables and cords required quickly become an unsightly, tangled rat’s nest. Focus, too, is often compromised, since our devices are — inevitably — as much of a distraction as they are a workspace.

With this in mind, MOFT has launched its ‘Smart Desk Mat’ to help you regain control of your office. Equal parts laptop stand, desk pad, and magnetic organizer, it combines an adjustable slider with a modular accessories kit (including a MagSafe wireless charging module) to create the ultimate all-in-one desk organization solution. Thus, in addition to supporting your tablets, smartwatches, and other tech, it can also hold smaller analog essentials like books, memos, and pens. What’s more, it offers three comfortable working positions — 25º, 45º, and 60º — whilst also doubling as a convenient display board should you need a steeper angle for presentations. Folding away for easy, on-the-go carry, the Smart Desk Mat even comes with a pair of NFC hotspots for programming your favorite focus apps.

MOFT’s Smart Desk Mat is currently on Kickstarter, already exceeding its meager $20,000 goal by some 1,500% (even with 37 days left in the campaign). Available in black, navy, and brown, you can back it today starting at $79.

Kickstarter: $79+

Photo: MOFT
Photo: MOFT