Magic Leap Returns with the Smallest & Lightest AR Headset Ever Made

Three years ago, Magic Leap launched the Magic Leap 1. The alternate reality (AR) headset came with lots of fanfare but little in the way of real-world adaptation, but the company is hoping to change that with the arrival of the new and improved Magic Leap 2 AR headset.

In the time since launching Magic Leap 1, the company has gained hundreds of millions of dollars in additional funding and new leadership in CEO Peggy Johnson, former Executive V.P. of Business Development at Microsoft. With increased resources and a new vision, Magic Leap is hoping to break through into the mainstream with Magic Leap 2 — and the headset looks like it has the specs to back up those ambitions. Magic Leap 2 will be the smallest and lightest in the industry, with a slew of updates to make it both more comfortable and more immersive than its predecessor. It will feature improved optics, the largest field of view in the industry, and a first-in-the-market dimming feature that allows the headset to be used even in very brightly lit areas. All of these innovations and improvements — along with the small size — should make the Magic Leap 2 more functional in real-world settings, which the company obviously hopes will lead to wider adaptation.

While pricing and a release date have yet to be revealed for the Magic Leap 2, the company plans to make the headset available to the general public sometime in 2022. You can learn more about Magic Leap 2 on the brand’s website.

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