Liteboxer Goes Portable with a New Model Made for Workouts on the Go

At-home workout systems have been all the rage in the past few years. And while these are incredibly convenient, not everyone has sufficient room for a smart home gym setup — particularly apartment-dwellers. With that in mind, Liteboxer has unveiled a portable system built for working out in smaller spaces or on the go.

The Liteboxer Go portable workout system features a variety of different gadgets. Starting with the familiar wrist-worn punch sensors, these track your jabs when connected to your device of choice, be it a smartphone or television. The sensors come with a handy pair of neoprene wrist straps that hold them in place, meaning you won’t have to worry about tossing one through your TV during a strenuous workout session. For added convenience, the system features a tablet stand that will let you prop your phone or iPad up to get a better view.

Another noteworthy element of this new release is the handheld Egg Weights, which each weighing one pound to add a formidable feel to your boxing routine. The Bluetooth-compatible Liteboxer Go features a battery life of roughly 25 hours and can operate in temperatures as low as 32° and as high as 104° F, allowing you to make the most of it in any condition.

The Liteboxer Go sensors themselves are free when you sign up for two years of the tech manufacturer’s membership service, which starts from $14 a month for an annual subscription. If that’s too long of a commitment, you can pay $100 for the system and sign up for $19 a month as you go (a subscription is required to use the service). Those interested can look into the Liteboxer Go system on the Liteboxer site.

Purchase: $14+

Photo: Liteboxer