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Leica and Disney Celebrate 100 Years of Magic with a Mickey-Clad Q2 Camera

Leica Q2 x Disney 100 Years of Wonder 0 Hero
Photo: Leica

In case dozens upon dozens of commercials and crossover products have yet to inform you, Disney is currently in the midst of celebrating its 100th anniversary. As its ‘100 Years of Wonder’ jubilee continues, we’ve seen the mouse-run conglomerate come together with several big-name manufacturers to deliver new honorary products, with the most recent example coming courtesy of Leica. Putting a new and exciting spin on its popular Q2, the German camera manufacturer is shining a light on the lovable rodent that started it all.

Leica Q2 x Disney 100 Years of Wonder 1
Photo: Leica

Although Steamboat Willie first came about in 1928, the illustrious film studio’s history goes back long before the days of Mickey Mouse… albeit he is the character Leica chooses to acknowledge for this fun-loving release. Moreover, the subject of inspiration couldn’t be any more clear, as the limited edition model’s design is highlighted by a Mickey Mouse print across the top plate — as an added bit of trivia, these sketches were animated in 1937 by one of Disney’s biggest men behind the scenes at the time, Don Towsley.

Leica Q2 x Disney 100 Years of Wonder 2
Photo: Leica

Other notable details include a Mickey embossed onto the camera’s top plate and display glass. Additionally, the new gadget is equipped with a matching dustbag, rope strap, and certificate of authenticity. And while this is in celebration of Disney’s 100th anniversary, there will be precisely 500 units of this new camera made. When addressing the forthcoming model, Leica says, “We share a passion for storytelling with Disney. But above all, a visionary demand for quality.” Accounting for the heritage tech brand’s adherence to providing nothing short of a premium product, it’s no surprise to see them celebrate a company whose impact on the world of art and cinema is practically incomparable.

Leica Q2 x Disney 100 Years of Wonder 3
Photo: Leica

The Leica Q2 x Disney “100 Years of Wonder” is expected to release in April for $6,981.