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HyperIce Unveils Second-Generation Venom 2 & Venom Go Recovery Wearables

Since its inception in 2010, HyperIce has been a market leader in the fitness recovery space, harnessing the power of cutting-edge heat and vibration technologies to aid in athletes’ post-workout routines. And while HyperIce already set the bar incredibly high with its first-generation range of heat and massage wraps, the company has now pushed the envelope even further with the debut of a second-gen range of heat wraps, as well as an all-new portable version.

Setting a new standard in the product space, the HyperIce Venom 2 Leg and Venom 2 Shoulder are touted as being the most advanced heat and massage wraps on the market. Massively benefitting from HyperIce’s proprietary HyperHeat technology, these recovery devices offer extraordinarily consistent heating and heat up half a dozen times faster than a standard heating pad. Both the Venom 2 Leg and Venom 2 Shoulder also cover twice as much surface area as their gen-one predecessors.

HyperIce has also debuted the new travel-friendly Venom Go. This TSA carry-on-compliant wearable utilizes advanced heat and vibration tech to soothe muscles and offers nine different combinations of the two. Unlike other traditional items from HyperIce, the Venom Go is sold with three adhesive pads — that can each be reused up to 20 times — that can be placed practically anywhere on the body. From there, the compact Venom Go device itself is able to magnetically attach to the pad. The Venom Go also boasts easy-to-use button controls, as well as Bluetooth connectivity that allows the wearable to pair with the HyperIce smartphone app.

Available now, the HyperIce Venom 2 Shoulder and Venom 2 Leg have both been priced at $249, while the HyperIce Venom Go carries an MSRP of $149.

Purchase: $149+

Photo: HyperIce
Photo: HyperIce