How To Dress When Working From Home

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With working from home increasingly becoming the new norm, much of the workforce has started setting up dedicated home office spaces and implementing systems to accommodate the new remote work-life balance. One aspect of adjusting to a more permanent work-from-home life that’s often overlooked is one’s wardrobe. With this in mind, we’ve generated this complete guide to what makes for the ideal work-from-home outfit and why it’s important, along with a few examples of some of our favorite picks on the market.

Prior to the ongoing remote work situation, most people simply acquired work outfits that were largely separate from the rest of their wardrobe, though working from home has forced many individuals to simply do their best with what they’ve got. With no immediate end to this way of life anywhere on the immediate horizon, now seems like the perfect time to invest in a proper set of work-from-home attire.

What Makes For Good WFH Clothes?

Comfortable Yet Presentable

While you want your work-from-home digs to be comfortable, your outfit still needs to be presentable enough to appear on a video chat or Zoom call in front of coworkers or superiors. While this may sound simple, it actually requires a bit of a delicate balancing act, as comfort and formality seldom go hand-in-hand. A happy middle-ground in this realm can be achieved through more contemporary takes on traditional loungewear.

Even if you aren’t required to dawn formal wear, you still don’t want to look like a slob. Simple clean lines, classic silhouettes, and a lack of brand logos and/or names are all traits that lend themselves to working from home, but what really pushes a garment over the edge is its construction. Materials that are soft, breathable, and afford some give (or stretch) make for the ideal choice when working from home.

Second & Third Uses

Examining The Versatility Factor

Another secondary factor to explore when shopping for work-from-home clothing is versatility. While you want these garments to first and foremost be conducive to remote work, it doesn’t hurt if a piece of clothing happens to lend itself to additional applications such as working out or just kicking back and relaxing. This added versatility also gives clothing more value, and makes it far more worth investing a little more into, as you’ll get far more utility and use out of it.

Formal When It Matters

Setting Aside Clothing For Presentation & Important Calls

The reality is that most of us can comfortably get away with wearing fairly casual clothes the majority of the time, though there are, however instances that will necessitate more buttoned-up attire, such as when giving a formal presentation or doing a remote job interview. Rather than building out a work-from-home wardrobe catering to the occasionally formal situation, it makes far more sense to purchase a comfortable yet presentable wardrobe to wear the lion’s share of the time, and buying one or two formal items to set aside for those times when you need to look your sharpest.

Your New Remote Work Uniform

The Best Work-From-Home Clothing Options

Now that you have a solid understanding of what makes for a good work-from-home garment and why this kind of clothing is important, let’s dive into four of favorite items specifically geared toward making our new WFH lives comfortable, productive, and stylish.

lululemon ‘At Ease’ Crew

It really is hard to go wrong with a classic crew neck sweatshirt, and lululemon’s ‘At Ease’ Crew puts a thoroughly modern spin on the clothing staple without outwardly changing its timeless appearance. Available in gray or black, the sweatshirt is constructed from a naturally breathable four-way stretch textured fabric and conceals a hidden zippered pocket for securely carrying a phone, keys, or wallet. The gusset is also placed in a spot to maximize mobility while the crew’s center-back tape doubles as a locker loop, making the ‘At Ease’ Crew equally appropriate for athletic use.

Purchase: $128

lululemon ‘At Ease’ Short

Considering your lower half is very seldom in view during video calls or conferences, you might as well opt for one of the most comfortable possible options, and lululemon’s ‘At Ease’ Short is quite possibly the most comfortable pair of shorts you’ll ever wear. Sporting a 7” cut, these shorts are made from the same naturally breathable four-way stretch textured fabric as the Crew above, and also boast a secure zippered pocket and a gusset placement meant to optimize range of motion. Sold in four colors, the drawcord on these shorts can be worn on the outside, or secured from the inside in order to minimize bulk.

Purchase: $78

lululemon ‘At Ease’ Jogger

Using the ‘At Ease’ Collection’s signature breathable four-way stretch textured fabric, lululemon has managed to deliver a versatile jogger that maximizes comfort, without compromising mobility. A streamlined fit hugs the glutes and thighs and tapers from the knee to the hem, providing a snug fitment that makes the most of the material’s ample breathability. Like the rest of the collection, the ‘At Ease’ Jogger gets a hidden zippered pocket and a center-tape back that can function as a locker loop, though, more so than any other item in the ‘At Ease’ lineup, the Jogger is wildly versatile, appropriate for running or working out, warm-ups or cool-downs, or just lounging around the house.

Purchase: $128

lululemon ‘At Ease’ Hoodie

lululemon’s ‘At Ease’ Hoodie isn’t your average hooded sweatshirt, boasting markedly more premium construction and a slightly more refined look. Made from the same wildly comfortable, breathable four-way stretch fabric as the rest of the collection, only produced in a more hardwearing double-layer construction, the ‘At Ease’ Hoodie’s textured aesthetic and slight Shawl collar afford it a surprisingly elegant and presentable appearance. Despite its more fashion-forward look, the ‘At Ease’ Hoodie lends itself to physical activities just as well as its Jogger, Short, and Crew counterparts, with a strategically-placed gusset and a zippered pocket for securely storing items while on the move.

Purchase: $148

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