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PacBak’s Provider 88-MK Eliminates the Most Annoying Part of Fishing

Even the most dedicated fisherman will probably admit that the process of cleaning, properly packaging, and preserving your fish on ice in a timely manner after making your catch is an enormous hassle. So to make this strenuous process as fast, easy, and sanitary as possible, new startup PacBak has created an innovative, all-in-one workstation that serves as a cooler, cutting table, and vacuum sealer.

PacBak touts its unique Provider 88-MK as “the Cadillac of all high-end coolers,” but it’s far more than just a cooler. The rugged mobile kitchen station’s composed of three distinct pieces: a processing table with fold-out legs, a fitted compartment equipped with a vacuum sealer, and, obviously, a rotomolded cooler with three compartments for separating wet from dry and hot from cold. For added proof of its durability, the PacBak is certified bear-resistant, as it managed to last an entire day being tossed around by a 1,250-pound Kodiak bear (they’ll have to catch their own fish).

As far as preparing your fish is concerned, the brand’s Fresh-Lok 18V is bound to come in handy. The corrosion-resistant, battery-powered vacuum sealer is made to lock in the fresh flavor of your fish on the spot, so you don’t have to worry about rushing home to package up your fillets. Plus, it lasts a while, offering up to 40 seals per charge depending on the bag’s size. Meanwhile, the cooler offers up to 88 quarts of storage space, so there’s more than enough room to keep all your fish fresh and cold.

PacBak’s versatile workstation reached its Kickstarter goal this past week and is expected to begin shipping to those who were able to snag one next month. If you missed out, just keep an eye on the brand’s website, where the expected MSRP for the Provider 88-MK Mobile Kitchen Cooler and FreshLok-18v Sealer combo is expected to eventually retail for $899.

Purchase: $899

Photo: PacBak
Photo: PacBak