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Opinel’s New Tour de France Knives Sport Creative Race-Inspired Graphics

Since it began in 1890, French-based knife brand Opinel has grown into one of the world leaders in pocket blades, spearheaded by its famed No.08 folding knife, which has been given a plethora of patterns and special editions over the years. Partnering with cycling enthusiast and art director of 200 Magazine, Manivelle, Opinel has unveiled its latest graphic wonders to coincide with the 2022 Tour de France next month.

Now for its sixth year honoring the bike race, the knife brand has released two limited editions, each recognizing a different aspect of the Tour de France just like years past. Last year’s collaboration highlighted the Alpine stages of the tour, while the 2019 edition featured little contours of the riders themselves. For one of the 2022 releases, Les Maillots, Opinel and Manivelle pay homage to another facet of the race: the colorful jerseys. Known for its bright color patterns and strong graphic motifs, the Tour de France gives the race leader a yellow jersey, while the best sprinter receives a green shirt and the best climber gets a jersey with red polka dots.

The new No.08 knife follows suit, featuring all three colorways and patterns, incorporating them in a way that looks cohesive and stylistically appealing. Landmarks, the second release this year, displays both the Arc de Triomphe monument and Mont Ventoux, with symbols to represent water, rain, and mist. To pay homage to the race’s signature color, a yellow lanyard is attached at the base.

Like all of Opinel’s knives, the two Tour de France blades come with a lifetime warranty. Les Maillots is sold in a blue gift box with an official Tour de France sticker, while the Landmarks knife arrives in a kraft paper sleeve, also with a sticker. Both knives are available in limited quantities and can be found exclusively online via Opinel’s website, with Les Maillots going for $55 and Landmarks for $29.

Purchase: $29+

Photo: Opinel