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Grovemade and Blackwing Come Together for a Well-Designed Pencil Kit

One undisputed thing that people will always need is office supplies. Whether it’s for a home office, life back at the workplace, or you’re still referring to them as school supplies, a handy set of pencils will always be a necessity. That said, you might as well have one that looks stylish and is well-made to boot. Thanks to a handsome collaborative effort between Grovemade and Blackwing, we now have an all-in-one Pencil Kit worth buying.

The rudimentarily-named product is composed of three parts: custom-designed pencils, a functional walnut-crafted stand, and an incredibly convenient sharpener. Starting with the pencils, the kit comes equipped with a dozen, each of which boasts a sleek, minimalist design and eraser ends. The chic, walnut stand features six slots to hold half of your pencils upright, guaranteeing tip protection and easy access.

Moreover, the stand also features an internal sharpener and catcher, granting the opportunity to keep your utensils in order without having to clean up any pesky scraps. Plus, these aren’t your average pencils, as they’re crafted from incense cedar and Japanese graphite to provide an unrivaled feel. This handy contraption measures 5″ tall and a sliver below 3″ wide and will add a formidable blend of form and function to your workspace.

You can pick up this sleek and unique joint effort on Grovemade’s website while it lasts for $120.

Purchase: $120

Photo: Grovemade
Photo: Grovemade