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Everyday Carry: Magneto

You would be hard-pressed to find a kid who isn’t infatuated with the power of magnetism. Feeling the invisible attraction and repulsion between two magnets is like magic to a child, and truth be told, our fascination with magnetism never really goes away as we age. Harnessing the power of magnets in our daily adult lives gives us some control over one of the universe’s most powerful forces, and it’s an admittedly satisfying feeling. That’s why we’ve built out this week’s EDC loadout around the theme of magnetism, collecting gear that utilizes (or resists) the wonder-inducing force of nature.

Black Ember Magnetic Key-Ring

A part of Black Ember’s new Kompak system in conjunction with the Kompak sling bag and Mag-Fold Wallet, the Magnetic Key-Ring combines a German Fidlock magnetic buckle with an anodized aluminum spring-gated hook and a titanium key-ring to create one of the most premium builds you’re likely to find on a quick-release keychain.

Purchase: $35

Apple Clear Case with MagSafe for iPhone 13 Pro

First debuting on the iPhone 12, Apple’s MagSafe technology has been a game-changer for the iPhone. By utilizing magnets on the backside of the phone, a number of accessories — from wallets to wireless chargers to power banks — can seamlessly and easily be attached. The Cupertino brand’s case contains magnets of its own that align with the phone’s MagSafe system, allowing you to protect your device while still making use of the nifty tech.

Purchase: $49

KeySmart Nano Torch Twist

A compact and powerful flashlight is always a welcome addition to your everyday carry, and KeySmart’s Nano Torch Twist adds a few innovative features that make this light especially hard to resist. For starters, there’s a magnetic tail cap that allows you to mount the light onto a metal surface for hands-free operation. Then there’s the rotating swivel head that lets you twist the light up to 90 degrees in any direction, adding even more versatility to the 600-lumen torch.

Purchase: $50

Rolex Milgauss

Rounding out our collection is perhaps the most underrated sports watch in Rolex’s current lineup. Originally created in 1956 as an anti-magnetic watch for scientists and engineers, the Milgauss was the first watch able to resist magnetic fields up to 1,000 gauss (hence the name “Milgauss”). The Milgauss of today is able to do the same, protecting its movement from magnetic interference via an interior shield composed of different ferromagnetic alloys.

Purchase: $9,150