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Everyday Carry: Faux

Of all the hot topics in the gear world, everyday carry included, it seems like sustainability and its closely-related adjacent concepts are amongst the most important and talked-about. With an ever-increasing number of studies illuminating humanity’s negative impacts on the planet — especially in relation to the massive amounts of trash we produce and toss back into nature — it’s become practically impossible to ignore without seeming like a pig-headed ignoramus. If your conscience has started to nag at you, there is some good news: you don’t necessarily have to give up all your favorite worldly possessions to be a bit better to the planet. In fact, making small changes here or there in your life can actually have a hugely positive impact.

This can be as simple as taking a walk down to the corner store rather than driving, giving up on drinking straws and plastic silverware, and even making material swaps in your everyday carry gear. To prove you can get your hands on some good-looking sustainable alternatives for some of the most popular materials, like leather (which is known to require a tremendous amount of resources to produce, often involves the use of toxic chemicals that can’t be recycled, and has the built-in cruelty factor since animals have to be killed to acquire it), we’ve put together this week’s pocket dump. All of this gear is either made with a sustainable faux alternative, recyclable materials, or both.

Moshi Vegan Leather Key Holder

This simple-yet-effective device will take your collection of keys (for your house, car, etc.) and pares them into a more pocket-friendly organizational format that’s gentler on the fabrics of your apparel and still offers quick and easy access when you need it. Best of all, while it looks a lot like traditional leather, it’s actually made from a completely vegan alternative.

Purchase: $15

Everyman Grafton Pen

Built from recyclable aluminum, this black-anodized clicker EDC pen is much more resilient than its disposable counterparts and looks far better, too. Plus, on top of the fact that it accepts both Fisher Space Pen and Pilot G2 refill cartridges, it’s also guaranteed for life.

Purchase: $35

Ekster Parliament Wallet

There are quite a few interesting things going on with the Ekster Parliament wallet you see here. For starters, it has a more traditional external appearance, but those looks actually hide a modern self-ejecting mechanism that makes all your cards easy to grab on-the-go. Furthermore, the whole thing is actually made from PVB (short for Polyvinyl butyral) — a type of resin glass recycled from scrapped cars. Finally, this fully-vegan wallet also has built-in RFID protection — which is a nice, if unnecessary addition.

Purchase: $99

Nordgreen Pioneer Watch

This year, the Nordgreen Pioneer watch — the very one you see before you today — won a prestigious Red Dot Design award. That alone should be enough to put this bad boy on your radar. Powered by a Japanese quartz movement, this watch also boasts a handsome and durable 316L stainless steel case, a brown vegan leather strap, a water-resistance rating of 5ATM, and — the best part — with each watch purchased, the customer can choose one of three charities to support using the watch’s unique serial number.

Purchase: $289