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DARKFADE’s Innovative Flashlight Sports an Ergonomic 45-Degree Angle

Flashlights, like many utilitarian gadgets, were once given a definitive shape and layout that, over a century later, we’ve continued to accept without question. But why is that, and why shouldn’t we wonder if there is, in fact, a better way to construct such a ubiquitous device? Thanks to a combination of modern technology and creatives who can now bring their outside-the-box thinking to the masses through crowd-sourcing outlets like Kickstarter, we’ve now gotten the most user-friendly flashlight ever.

Following his previously-funded projects such as the effortlessly simple Kinetic Screwdriver and the super-versatile Maker Knife, Italian-based jerry-rigger Giaco Whatever has come out with DARKFADE, an innovative new flashlight with the overall goal to be the best in the industry. While a square shape isn’t necessarily novel, the 45-degree angle of the bulb is, allowing the light to be thrown in the direction it’s meant to go. It’s ergonomic and natural when in your hand and convenient when sitting in your lap, on a table, or hanging down from your neck.

The secondary innovation here is the brightness function. Where an ordinary flashlight has you clicking through its settings to try and delineate which brightness level is optimal, the DARKFADE gives you the power to tailor the beam with ease. You press down on the singular button, rotate the flashlight left or right until you’ve found your ideal setting, and then release. Additionally, you can set the brightness before you even turn on the bulb if you don’t want it on maximum when first deploying.

The campaign for DARKFADE runs through September 9. Until then, you can grab yourself the last EDC flashlight you’ll ever need for the early-bird price of €129 (~$132). Head over to Kickstarter to check out the rest of the backer rewards.

Purchase: $132+

Photo: DARKFADE | Giaco Whatever
Photo: DARKFADE | Giaco Whatever
Photo: DARKFADE | Giaco Whatever