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This Sleek Bolt-Action Pen Is Engineered to Write Like a Breeze

A great pen is one of the most essential pieces of EDC gear you can have on your person. While many people believe all pens are alike, it isn’t until you’ve had a proper, well-crafted writing utensil that you can appreciate the quality, feel, and versatility of an heirloom-quality pen. The writing utensil industry is saturated with plenty of less-than-stellar pens, so when we come across a premier writing instrument like D Rocket Design’s Kaze pen, we take notice immediately.

When you name your pen “the breeze” in Japanese, you better have a writing instrument that writes as smooth as velvet. Thankfully, the Kaze delivers in spades, gliding on the page like a boat on a still lake. From a design perspective, the Kaze is equal parts elegant, sophisticated, and minimalist. It’s a no-frills bolt-action pen that addresses the age-old gripe of protruding bolts by having its clip act as its opening and closing mechanism. That’s right, gone are the days when the bolt of your pen snags on your shirt or pant pocket; the Kaze is the ultimate, unobtrusive writing instrument.

Boasting a lean, seven-piece construction (excluding the ink cartridge and springs), the Kaze’s chassis is made from a single piece of construction material: copper, bronze, antique copper, polished titanium, blasted titanium, full titanium, or raw full titanium. This handsome pen also features a satisfying telescoping pen tip, which is sure to provide you with a healthy dose of ASMR every time you turn the pen.

The Kaze uses Parker standard refill cartridges and is a breeze to refill. Simply turn the front circle of the pen and replace the cartridge. Pricing for the Kaze begins at $79 for the copper and bronze pens, with the raw full titanium being the most expensive at $134. D Rocket Design plans on releasing the Kaze in May or June of 2022, and you can reserve your pen now on the pen’s Kickstarter page.

Kickstarter: $79+

Photo: D Rocket Design
Photo: D Rocket Design
Photo: D Rocket Design