Garmin’s vívosmart 5 Makes Tracking Your Everyday Health Easier than Ever

While Garmin’s smartwatches serve as a great way to track your daily activity among their many other features, many people can happily go without these additional elements. With that thought in mind, the Swiss gadgeteer has released a streamlined iteration of its vívosmart fitness tracker, keeping things healthy and user-friendly.

The fifth-generation product is built to take on a week’s worth of exercise thanks to its 7-day battery life. Whether you’re looking to keep count of calories burned, steps taken, or minutes spent exercising, this swim-proof tracker is a perfect way to get into shape without a clunky piece of metal taking up wrist space mid-workout. Its sleek design is rounded out with a 66% larger display than the vívosmart 4 and it even introduces Garmin’s new interchangeable bands for seamless customization.

As far as distinct capabilities go, one feature that stands out overall is the vívosmart 5’s ceaseless tracking. By monitoring your heart rate with every waking second throughout the entire day, Garmin’s one-of-a-kind 24/7 Elevate system looks to stand head and shoulders above the competition. In addition to your heart rate, the tracker also keeps you in the know regarding your sleep score, respiration, all-day stress, and hydration levels, each of which is as important as the next.

The fitness tracker also allows you to add a splash of color to your daily routine, as this new release comes available in black, white, or mint. Garmin’s vívosmart 5 is available now on the brand’s website for $150.

Purchase: $150

Photo: Garmin