Hands-On: G-SHOCK’s New Watch Is Full-Metal Armor For Your Wrist

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When you think of Casio’s G-SHOCK lineup, you immediately imagine beefy, rugged watches you can take on outdoor adventures or use during intense workouts. Well, G-SHOCK’s very first watch model had a simple design with a more compact frame. The G-SHOCK DW5000C launched in 1983 sparked the fire for the famous series of timepieces that continues to flourish in the space. Now the original watch that started it all is reborn as the G-SHOCK GMWB5000D.

In 1981, G-SHOCK wanted to build a watch that wouldn’t break even if it was dropped, resulting in the DW5000C. The ‘80s watch featured all-new shock-resistant construction for its time, breaking the common notion that wristwatches are fragile. Since the inception of the original G-SHOCK watch, Casio’s tough timepieces steadily evolved throughout the years. Now with the G-SHOCK GMWB5000D, a classic returns with modern upgrades. We were lucky enough to get our hands on the GMWB5000D and inspect every detail of the re-release.

First Impression

Coming out fresh from its container, you can feel the weight of the timepiece. The GMWB5000D feels sturdy–like you’ll need to do something drastic to put a dent on any part of it. The all-metal construction is reassuring and the case feels like it can stop a bullet. Although it has a similar profile to other G-SHOCK watches, it’s more compact than their other offerings, but nothing about it feels inferior.

The bracelet of the watch features links that resemble armor, especially with the all-metal assembly. It captures the overall silhouette of the original watch that inspired it down to the classic brick-pattern framing the display screen. But thanks to its stainless steel construction, it would be a worthy addition to a more formal ensemble. The face of the watch is easy to read through the protective mineral glass and is well-organized, so you can navigate through the various options without wasting too much time.

The Build

With a stainless steel square case, the GMWB5000D looks dapper and feels like it can handle any mission life throws at you. Casio’s engineers went a step further by putting a resin piece between the metal outer shell and inner module capsule for enhanced durability. In short, the case of this G-SHOCK model is a tank. So, you have nothing to worry about if you happen to get knocked around while you’re sporting it.

Putting it on, we felt the bracelet’s folding clasp locks into place well, securing the robust watch. On the ends of the case are two unique links that give little play for a secure feel. And the links making up the bracelet of the watch don’t snag on your hair when you wear it, even when you’re in action. Overall, the watch is constructed well with longevity in mind.


It would be unfair to compare the technology of this updated model to the original, since G-SHOCK has evolved plenty since 1983. The GMWB5000D is packed with tons of useful tech for the everyday grind and beyond. One of the highlights is the timepiece’s solar battery, giving it the ability to self-charge. A day’s worth of sun will allow the wristwatch to keep running for months. It also has Bluetooth 4.1 connectivity and compatibility with Casio’s G-SHOCK Connected app, which enhances the watch’s accuracy by syncing atomic time from your smartphone and improves functionality by setting up reminders to show up on the watch.

The ultra-rugged watch also has everything you’d expect from a G-SHOCK, including 200-meter water resistance, and shock-resistance. It also features a super illuminator LED light, which stays on for a couple of seconds after you press the button and STN (Super-Twisted Nematic) LCD for a refined contrast and superb viewing angles. Everything you need in an everyday watch is in the GMWB5000D.


When Casio started the G-SHOCK line with their DW5000C, they created a truly timeless design. Over three decades later, the silhouette aged like a fine wine. The GMWB5000D is the perfect mix of vintage aesthetics and modern technology. It’s like a restomod for watch collectors, combining the best of both worlds. It’s a timepiece built to last a lifetime that will never go out of style.

Purchase: $500