Ash Thorp Turns the Ford F-150 Raptor into a Baja-Style Pre-Runner Truck

Photos: Ash Thorp

Over the last year or so we’ve thoroughly enjoyed the rendered works of Ash Thorp and Carlos “colorsponge” Pecino’s “Make Haste Corp” series as it’s allowed the pair of world-renowned concept artists to step out of their comfort zones and further refine their already unparalleled design skills. And after previously revealing his touring car-meets-Le Mans-style “BELLADONNA” Ford Mustang racer, Thorp has now debuted the next installment in the M.H.C. series with the RAPTOR-R.

Based on Ford’s latest F-150 Raptor and taking inspiration from the new Bronco DR, Thorp has treated the high-performance pickup to the pre-runner treatment, bestowing the donor with a full Baja-grade roll-cage, a massively-raised lift-kit, a set of off-road-specific wheels wrapped in beefy BFG desert racing tires, a heavily modified hood that’s secured via DZUS fasteners, and a tweaked front-end and grille with a deleted bumper, skid-plate, and an embedded eight LED light bar setup that’s supplemented via a full-length lightbar mounted just above the windshield.

Now exposed thanks to a deleted tailgate, the bed of the heavily-modified F-150 Raptor sports a custom roll cage extension, fuel tank, exposed suspension linkages, and what appears to be a nitrous tank, while the aft end of the cabin is capped off with a spoiler-esque carbon fiber aero piece. Just behind the driver and passenger windows are a set of intake scoops that funnel air into the engine at the heart of the build. Alongside the RAPTOR-R, Thorp’s friend and collaborator — and the other half of M.H.C. — colorsponge has simultaneously unveiled his take on a ruggedized Baja-style pre-runner with a BMW X5-based off-roader that he’s christened “THE META” — or M.H.C. 017.

In typical Thorp fashion, the artist’s latest work is steeped in realism and looks to be as functional as it is well-executed. Even more so than normal, however, the M.H.C. 018 manages to brilliantly merge aggressive automotive design traits with a sleek and thoroughly futuristic visual theme — though this is about on par with what you’d expect from the individual selected to pen the latest Batmobile.

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Photo: Ash Thorp
Photo: Ash Thorp
Photo: Ash Thorp