Olivers’ Brand Director Launches A Performance-Focused Eyewear Brand

Former Olivers brand director Dylan Nord has launched his own eyewear brand called Finn, and judging from the brand’s debut product, it looks like Nord’s new venture will be just as committed to high performance as his previous one.

The Finn Eyewear Hightail is designed for “performance without pretension” and is designed to bring athlete-focused design back to the cycling and running communities without a bunch of unnecessary fluff. The glasses are extremely lightweight thanks to Finn’s TR90 composite material in the frames, weighing in at an almost negligible 32 grams. The temples feature a flexible “live wire” construction that allows you to dial in the perfect fit, and the lenses boast optics-improving Revo coating. The Hightail also functions as two pairs of glasses as one, as they ship with a pair of sunglass lenses and an additional pair of clear lenses for nighttime rides and runs. Available in two colorways, black and lightning, the Finn Eyewear Hightail goes on sale soon for $98.

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