Officine Fioravanti Built a Modernized Ferrari Testarossa That Can Hit 200MPH

Photo: Pietro Martelletti

There are almost too many legendary Ferraris to count. The 250 GTO, the Daytona, the F40… the list goes on and on. And without question, one of the absolute best Ferraris of all time has to be the Testarossa. The wedge-shaped supercar was one of the defining vehicles of the 1980s, known for its oversized side strakes and pop culture appearances in everything from Miami Vice to the OutRun arcade game. Now, nearly 40 years after it debuted, a nascent restomod outfit out of Switzerland has transformed a Testarossa into a 21st-century supercar.

Officine Fioravanti is the builder in question, and they sure hit the ground running with their first project. The company has taken a Testarossa Monospecchio Monodado — the most desirable early model with the single side mirror — and rebuilt and modernized it while maintaining the spirit of the original. They’ve lightly refined and modernized the Pininfarina design and replaced the 16” wheels with 17” and 18” wheels, but most of the upgrades are found beneath the exterior. The suspension now boasts tailor-made Ohlins electronically adjustable shock
absorbers, along with a front lift system that can raise the nose 7 cm — a handy feature for steep driveways. The brakes have been upgraded with a high-tech Brembo disc brake system that features 12 adjustable modes, all of which can be controlled in real-time on the ‘80s-inspired central console. All plastic from the interior has been banished in favor of high-end materials, and a premium audio system with USB charging and Apple CarPlay has been installed. There’s even an ‘80s mobile phone that connects via Bluetooth to the driver’s cell phone, which shows incredible attention to detail. The aerodynamics have been improved thanks to an improved flat bottom, and the weight of the car has been reduced by 130 kg. Powering this lighter and sleeker supercar is a revised version of the car’s 12-cylinder engine. Officine Fiorvanti was able to squeeze an extra 120 horsepower out of the engine, with total power output now measuring 510 horsepower and 442 lb.-ft. of torque. The engine revs to 9,000 rpm, and the top speed is 201 mph. Finally, the custom titanium exhaust system has adjustable valves for a more custom sound experience.

Officine Fiorvanti completed their Testarossa build — in ‘80s white, naturally — for a client, who was involved in every step of the build. The company says the car represents their ethos of “automotive neoclassicism,” which they define as a type of restomodding that seeks to improve upon classic cars by exploiting new technologies without bastardizing the design or soul of the original. We’re sure they’ve got more builds on the way.

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Photo: Pietro Martelletti | IG: @pietromartelletti
Photo: Pietro Martelletti | IG: @pietromartelletti
Photo: Pietro Martelletti | IG: @pietromartelletti