EXOD’s Monolith One Person Shelter Comes to Shape in a Mere 15 Seconds

While the term ‘self-isolation’ has been dreadful for many to hear over the past two-ish years, some good old-fashioned alone time could never hurt — at least when it’s voluntary. EXØD is no stranger to adhering to this notion, delivering on their impressive hanging Ark Tent just over a year ago. Now, looking to provide a new way to get some outdoor protection, the brand has unveiled their extremely limited one-person shelter, the Monolith.

Similar to the Ark Tent, the Monolith can also be hung by way of its single hook overhead. Whether you find yourself in the great outdoors or are simply looking for a private beach day, there are few better places to be than suspended in mid-air at the hands of EXØD’s trusty PARALL CARBN_ rods. As far as the shelter itself goes, it’s composed of high-strength polyester and water repellent nylon, providing security in any and all weather conditions. Remaining impeccably dry while being eco-cognizant and incredibly sturdy is enough of a draw as it is, but the fact that the tent can take shape in a matter of 15 seconds is out of this world. Needless to say, Monolith offers a whole lot to write home about, especially considering you’ll want to get in touch with your friends and family when out on the trails.

EXØD is currently accepting fully-refundable deposits for anyone looking to get their hands on a stealthy, party-of-one venue. However, their newly-unveiled Monolith is limited to a mere 100 builds, so we recommend hopping on that reservation list as fast as you can. For $960, some alone time will surely be warranted upon its arrival.

Purchase: $960