Everyday Carry: Virtuoso

Apr 21, 2021

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As the old joke goes, practice is the best route to Carnegie Hall. Of course, if your instrument of choice is something that maybe isn’t entirely well-suited to the stuffed-shirts of a symphony audience, practice is still no less the best method of becoming a performer of note. You might wonder how, then, you could possibly find the time to get good enough to make a name for yourself. Well, the simple answer is: you make the time — but that’s not entirely helpful. Instead, we’d like to suggest a slightly more useful route in the form of this week’s everyday carry loadout. You see, this collection of pocketable gear, in tandem with your guitar of choice, will give you the ability to dive into your practice anytime, anywhere. Whether you’re on the road between shows or you just have a day job until your musical career takes off, this everyday carry loadout is a kind of life hack toward improving your playing — or at least encouraging you to be more active in your endeavors on a daily basis. You might not end up actually being the next Eddie Van Halen, but that shouldn’t keep you from trying and trying and trying.

Gibson Guitar Adjustment Multi-Tool

Especially when faced with the trials and tribulations of travel, sometimes guitars need tune-ups and routine maintenance. And that’s probably why the folks at Gibson, one of the biggest names in the guitar industry, have built this purpose-driven guitar-focused multi-tool. Small enough when folded to fit in your front pocket, this Allen wrench-style device includes 12 built-in tools catered specifically to the needs of guitarists. This won’t replace your traditional everyday carry multi-tool, but it can’t be beaten when it comes to six-string DIY maintenance and repair.

Purchase: $17

WP Standard The Picker’s Wallet

It’s a simple addition that makes the WP Standard The Picker’s Wallet so well-suited to guitar players, but it’s one that makes all the difference. We’re talking, of course, about the integrated guitar pick pocket — which ensures that guitarists have access to a pick whenever they have their cash and credit cards. Of course, even without that addition, this is still an excellent front pocket wallet with its dual card slots, cash pocket, and windowed ID pouch. For guitar players that appreciate heritage materials and styling in a minimalist, slim format, you can’t go wrong with The Picker’s Wallet.

Purchase: $38

Fender Mustang Micro Guitar Amp

With physical specs that measure up smaller than most wallets, Fender’s Mustang Micro Guitar Amp is a pretty magnificent bit of miniaturized technology, giving players access to a range of 12 onboard digital amp models for a wide range of tones both clean and dirty. Furthermore, it comes with adjustable EQ, simple volume controls, four hours of battery life (rechargeable via USB), and — most importantly — both 1/8″ and Bluetooth connectivity for your headphones of choice. When it comes to portable travel amps, this might be the most impressive one yet.

Purchase: $100

Marshall Mode II True Wireless Earbuds

Marshall has done a brilliant job of paring the brand’s iconic guitar amplifier styling into a collection of impressive, modern audio equipment. That goes double, perhaps, for the Mode II True Wireless Earbuds, which is actually the brand’s first-ever true-wireless in-ear Bluetooth ‘phones. Along with exceptional sound — courtesy of custom-tuned drivers — they offer up to 25 hours of playback, an IPX5 water-resistance rating, simple and intuitive touch controls, and they come with their own portable charging case.

Purchase: $179

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