Everyday Carry: Solid Gold

Jan 29, 2020

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One of the most precious metals known to man, gold has had a pretty major impact on human history and the shaping of our world as we know it. The first solid evidence of our obsession with the 79th element dates back to ancient Egyptian mythology and it can be found in temples, tombs, and even the caps of the Pyramids of Giza were originally covered in gold. Jump ahead several thousands of years and the shiny metal was directly responsible for major westward expansion in North America, especially in California, the Klondike, and Alaska. Today, much of our technology hinges on the inclusion of gold, especially in the manufacturing of semiconductors. Of course, some of its most apparent applications can still be found in the realm of small goods, like everyday carry gear. Even imitation gold can be beautiful and alluring in the right circumstances. And that’s what we have for you with this EDC pocket dump: beautiful golden gear, both real and mock, for your carrying pleasure.

Machine Era Ti5 Titanium Slim Wallet

As glittery as gold but built from ultra-sturdy titanium, Machine Era’s Ti5 Slim Wallet is a beautiful and handy minimalist cash and card carrier. And while it can stash up to 7 cards and a wad of bills, it also boasts RFID blocking, is corrosion-resistant, and has an integrated bottle opener. As a final bonus, it’s even manufactured in the USA.

Purchase: $60

Nagao Higonokami Damascus Friction Folding Knife

One of the most iconic styles of folding knives ever created, the Higonokami friction folder is a blade every EDC enthusiast should have in their collection. And this one is one of the most elite with its beautifully-designed brass handle and Damascus blue paper steel reverse tanto blade. If you could only add one Japanese pocket knife to your repertoire, this one should definitely be a contender for that spot.

Purchase: $220

Persol 714SM Steve McQueen Sunglasses

In 1969, Steve McQueen showed up on the set of The Thomas Crowne Affair wearing a pair of Persol 714 sunglasses. Now, the brand is paying homage to the King of Cool himself courtesy of a special edition pair of 714s crafted from tortoiseshell acetate and genuine 24K gold-plated lenses. They’re expensive, but for lovers of classic style, these shades are tough to beat.

Purchase: $790

Omega Olympic Pocket Watch 1932

Powered by rediscovered unassembled movement kits that had been in storage at OMEGA’s headquarters in Biel since 1932, this exceptional pocket watch is crafted from 18K white gold, limited to just 100 examples ever built, and includes a caseback is stamped with the official five-ring logo of the Olympic Games. And the whole thing is powered by Omega’s calibre 3889 manual-winding movement.

Purchase: $109,000

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