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May 13, 2020

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There are few things more closely associated with Americana than denim jeans. Interestingly, however, denim jeans didn’t originate entirely in the United States. Yes, blue jeans as we know them were invented by Jacob Davis and Levi Strauss in 1873 and have close ties to the American Gold Rush as the work pants of choice for those staking claims. But things get a bit more complicated therein. For starters, denim itself — which is an alteration of the phrase “serge de Nimes” — originated in Nimes, France. Furthermore, “Jeans” are named for Genoa, Italy — where they were originally made from a cotton corduroy fabric. It wasn’t until a customer of tailor Jacob Davis requested an extra-tough pair of pants that the riveted denim pants were born. Today, denim jeans are one of the most widespread and popular garments in the world, with an estimated 50% of humans on the planet wearing them in some form or another every single day. It’s both the association with Americana and the overall ubiquitousness of denim jeans that has inspired this week’s everyday carry loadout.

Ralph Lauren Selvedge Denim Billfold

Made from the same exclusive lightweight denim used by Ralph Lauren’s Double RL workwear brand, this nylon-lined 8-card bifold wallet is a handsome and durable addition to any everyday carry loadout. If you’re looking for a traditional wallet, this heritage option is one of the best around.

Purchase: $65

WESN x Momotaro Micro Blade Keychain Knife

Boasting upgraded styling courtesy of Momotaro — the Japanese heritage denim brand — this limited edition version of WESN’s spectacular Micro Blade EDC knife is even better than ever before. Along with its distinct dual-stripe styling, it also boasts a titanium handle, AUS-8 steel blade, and measures up at just 2.25″ closed — making it perfect for keychain attachment.

Purchase: $110

Omega Seamaster Railmaster Watch

A modern homage to railway workers, engineers, and anyone else who works in close proximity to electromagnetic fields, this handsome updated version of Omega’s 1957 Railmaster watch boasts a beautiful coated nylon strap made to mimic the appearance of denim and match the appearance of its dial. It’s also powered by an automatic movement, has an anti-magnetic housing, and boasts a 15-bar stainless steel case.

Purchase: $4,900

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