Everyday Carry: Gator

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The American alligator’s scaly skin is a menacing sight to see, from North Carolina down to the Gulf of Mexico — including Florida too, of course. Regardless, as it applies to lions and other life-threatening wildlife creatures, the alligator’s mystique is rooted in its sense of power. As a result of its enlarged medulla oblongata, one of the brain’s more primitive areas, these unique creatures are incredibly primal, which has ultimately forced these vicious reptiles to come across as, well, vicious. The reptile’s innate sense of instinctive physicality serves as inspiration for this gator-colored assemblage, which is guaranteed to add a cold-blooded touch to your everyday carry gear whether you’re visiting Everglades National Park, the quaint bayous of Louisiana, or anywhere in between.

CIVIVI Altus Button Lock Knife

Damascus steel is all the rage nowadays, and CIVIVI’s high-quality blades make immaculate use of it. Its Altus is a seamless addition to any EDC loadout thanks to its uber-convenient button-lock mechanism that allows for simple one-handed opening and closing. It also comes equipped with a reversible pocket clip, allowing you to carry the blade on either side you see fit. The Altus measures in at a sliver over 7″ and boasts a 3.05″ hand-rubbed, Damascus steel blade. As an added touch, its sleek Micarta scales are composed of a brooding green shade that perfectly fits our reptilian theme.

Purchase: $91

Ray-Ban New Wayfarer Color Mix Sunglasses

There are few names as synonymous with sunglasses as Ray-Ban. As such, few silhouettes have become as replicated as the American-Italian label’s iconic Wayfarer. However, the brand’s New Wayfarer provides a sleeker and more wearable take on the classic, while also coming in a wide variety of colors. And none of these shades (no pun intended) manage to go hand-in-hand with this collection of gear than these matte green nylon frames rounded out with the brand’s trademark Green G-15 crystal lenses.

Purchase: $151

Maison Margiela Rubber Billfold Cardholder

Let’s be honest — the smaller the cardholder, the more trivial it becomes. At the end of the day, carrying no more than a couple of cards and your ID may sound convenient, but that’s what we have our Apple Wallet for nowadays. For practicality’s sake, Maison Margiela’s rubber-made billfold cardholder has got you covered with some additional space. It measures roughly 3” x 4”, boasts a buttery leather interior, and features a handy quartet of card slots. On top of that, it has a trio of receipt pockets, which can easily be used for stashing some cash you have on hand.

Purchase: $330

Hamilton Khaki Field Mechanical Watch

Hamilton might as well label itself as the brand of Hollywood horologists. Its endless variety of timepieces that appeared on the big screen is beyond impressive, and this 38mm mechanical field watch is more of what we’ve grown to expect from Hamilton. This particular offering is powered by the watchmakers’ exclusive hand-wound H-50 caliber movement and boasts a power reserve of up to 80 hours. As added trivia, this gator green timepiece was wrapped around the wrists of Ben Affleck and Josh Hartnett in Michael Bay’s Pearl Harbor, playing into the Khaki Field’s real-life WWII origins.

Purchase: $495