Everyday Carry: Classified

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Let’s be honest: James Bond is pretty bad at being a secret agent, what with his constant name-dropping and high-profile car chases and gunfights. In real life, spies and covert operators are much more careful and low-key so as to keep themselves out of sight and off the radar. As such, this week’s everyday carry loadout isn’t for the James Bonds of the world, but rather those who would prefer to remain a bit more discreet in their travels. That’s not to say that this gear isn’t impressive and eye-catching — it most certainly is. But rather, this is the kind of gear you’d want to keep in your pockets to ensure you’re prepared for just about anything without making a big show of it. If that prospect speaks to you — either because you’re a sucker for subtlety or you understand that exceptional gear is rarely boastful — then this pocket-worthy loadout is for you.

Bear Grylls Survival AIR Series 3761 GMT Watch

There are a lot of survival watches out there, but far fewer are backed by the name of one of the most famed survivalists alive today, Bear Grylls. And that makes the AIR Series GMT watch from Luminox incredibly special. Of course, it helps that the associated names are also backed up by an ultra-rugged 316L stainless steel case with a CARBONOX bezel, a Swiss-made Ronda 515 HF 6 movement with a whopping 50-month battery life, 200 meters of water-resistance, and — of course — travel-friendly GMT functionality (meaning you can track more than just one timezone at a time). For frequent-flyers, there might not be a more formidable travel watch around.

Purchase: $695

Boker Plus Companion Commando Pen

Most ballpoint pens travel decently, but they’re not going to hold up to extreme punishment and could be relatively useless in an emergency or self-defense situation. By contrast, the solid-aluminum Boker Plus Companion Commando Pen is an exceptional writing utensil with Lamy M-22 refill compatibility, but also doubles as a kubaton in a pinch and has its own integrated bottle opener and an emergency whistle. If you can so easily stack the deck that much in your favor, why wouldn’t you?

Purchase: $60

SOG-TAC XR Tactical Knife

Made specifically with uniformed professionals in mind, the SOG-TAC XR Tactical Knife beautifully blends the discretion of an everyday carry cutting tool with the durability and service of a field-ready folder. This is managed with a sleek silhouette mated to a cryogenically heat-treated, partially-serrated D2 blade, alongside super-grippy G-10 handle scales, and the brand’s impressive ambidextrous XR locking mechanism. All told, this knife is not entirely dissimilar to a seasoned soldier dressed-up in his Sunday best.

Purchase: $80

Dango T01 Tactical Spec-Ops Wallet

With a name as boastful as T01 Tactical Spec-Ops Wallet, you’d really hope that Dango designed this cash and card carrier to live up to its name — which it most definitely does. You see, this USA-made wallet features an aerospace-grade aluminum frame with a Cerakote coating; water-resistant, ultra-durable DTEX fabric; built-in RFID-blocking tech; a 12-card capacity; and a removable 14-function multi-tool. If you think that sounds a bit more like Batman’s tool belt than a traditional wallet, then you’re right on the money.

Purchase: $99