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May 12, 2021

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If you ever want to take a gander at just how ingenious and determined humankind is, look to the lengths we’ve gone in order to eat certain foods. For many, the example that first comes to mind is probably fugu (or blowfish) — a Japanese delicacy lauded around the world which has toxins that can literally kill you if not carefully, properly prepared. But that’s also an extreme example that isn’t all that common in daily life. Turns out, our dedication to making things edible can be seen even in your own cupboard. Olives, you see, are not to be consumed raw. There’s an old wives tale that raw olives, like fugu, are poisonous and could kill you if consumed. The truth, however, is a lot less dire: olives contain a chemical called oleuropein — which is actually widely used for its medicinal properties — that makes them extremely bitter and unpleasant to eat. Rather than avoiding this seemingly-disgusting fruit, however, humans figured out how to treat olives to make them delicious (to some). And the rest, so they say, is history. To pay homage both to human ingenuity and this unique stone fruit (yes, just like peaches, olives are actually a type of stone fruit), we’ve put together this olive drab-colored everyday carry loadout.

SureFire G2X Pro Tactical Flashlight

With its durable Nitrolon body, aluminum striker bezel, polycarbonate window, and nearly-indestructible LED emitter capable of outputting between 15-600 lumens, it’s clear that the SureFire G2X Pro is an outstanding tactical flashlight by any standards. That’s made even better by its approachable push-button tail switch operation and weatherproofing. If you need to find your way in the wilds after the sun has dipped, you can’t go wrong with this torch by your side.

Purchase: $60

Dango M1 Maverick Spec-Ops Wallet

Inspired directly by and made to suit military personnel, first responders, and hardcore preppers, Dango’s M1 Maverick Spec-Ops Wallet is a bit more like a go-anywhere toolbox than a cash and card carrier. That starts with its DTEX exterior and anodized aluminum frame and encapsulates each and every piece therein, including the removable heat-treated stainless steel MT04 Multi-Tool with its 10+ functions. Best of all, the whole thing was made right here in the USA.

Purchase: $129

Cold Steel SR1 Folding Knife

Every good tactical loadout needs a solid bladed tool and, in this case, that role is brilliantly filed by the Cold Steel SR1 knife you see here. From its tanto-shaped CPM-S35VN steel blade to its American-made G-10 handle scales, this is an ultra-tough knife that’s just begging to be taken along on all your most hardcore adventures. And its smooth manual deployment and sturdy back lock will ensure that it’s secure and ready to go at a moment’s notice.

Purchase: $157

Bell & Ross BR 03-92 Diver Military Watch

Bell & Ross has always been rooted in military history, but their BR 03-92 Diver Military watch takes that connection to the next level by incorporating a timeless OD green colorway into its construction — visible upon the dial itself, as well as the included synthetic fabric strap. Along with its exceptional military-inspired styling, it also boasts an automatic movement, 300m dive rating, Super-LumiNova markings, and ultra-sturdy ceramic case.

Purchase: $4,500

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