Dango Channels High-Speed Car Culture With The Racy R-Spec Wallet

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As a medium, automotive racing has always been about awe-inspiring speed, legendary platforms, and the drivers that commandeer them. While the community’s appreciation for adrenaline-inducing car culture is certainly robust, its love for the industry’s most unique designs takes precedent; so much, in fact, that it’s helped to serve as the foundational structure for Dango’s recent R-Spec Wallet collection.

The R-Spec Collection is an homage to all things fast, offering fans of the automotive medium two distinctly sophisticated silhouettes; and a pair that stays true to the company’s technical outlook. An astounding mixture of informed linework, high-gloss powder-coated surfaces, and contrasting materials make the wallets an agile proposition for everyday carry, bringing automotive influences like plush top-grain leather, red stitching, and genuine carbon fiber to the forefront for each. Each example comes complete with a dependable, lightweight high-gloss Prismatic Powder Coat aluminum chassis meant to mimic the finishes on classic Ferraris, a grippy silicone band to keep 10 (Maverick R-Spec), or 12 (Dapper R-Spec) of your most important cards secure, and a racy red/black color palette that will appeal to race fans everywhere. Both the Dango Dapper R-Spec and Maverick R-Spec Wallets are available now for $99 and $129, respectively.

Purchase: $99+