Campfire Audio’s Saber Earbuds Are Finished off with Damascus Steel

There is a near-infinite number of names in the audial market, and it’s not hard to figure out why — everyone listens to music, so it’s expected for countless brands to try and profit off of that. While some companies are primarily concerned with the latter and making a quick buck, there are still plenty of brands dedicated to crafting nothing short of the best buds around, and this is where Campfire Audio comes into play. Fusing sleek design and crisp audio has always been their motive, and the brand’s new Saber earbuds really capture that ethos.

Straying away from the mainstream, the Saber is a wired pair of in-ears that pack a mighty sonic punch, which comes as no surprise as a result of Campfire’s consistency. Boasting a trio of unique drivers, including a single balanced armature driver to offer pure-sounding highs, as well as a 6mm nano-titanium diaphragm driver and an 8mm hybrid beryllium polymer diaphragm dynamic driver, the specs behind these buds are truly next-level and provide outstanding quality. As mentioned, this is a pair of wired buds, but that certainly doesn’t mean they’re of a lesser quality than all of those true wireless buds flooding the market. Thanks to their pure copper cable, the sound remains intact with no further need to worry about durability issues. Speaking of durability, though, nothing steals the show from a visual perspective here more so than each bud’s impeccably rugged Damascus steel encasing, an ultra-premium and beautiful finish that really sets these earphones apart.

Anyone in the market for a pricey pair of durable buds has Campfire Audio to thank for their latest release, if they can get their hands on it, anyway. Available on the luxury brand’s site today, the Saber earphones retail for $449 and are limited to 1,000 units.

Purchase: $449