Bodega Taps Shaun Crawford to Touch Up Salomon’s X-Mission 4 Suede Trainer

While Salomon’s shoes have always been about performance, recent silhouettes have grown increasingly popular among fashion-forward casual wearers thanks to their sporty, streamlined look. Throughout 2022, the brand has already joined forces with several high-end names, so it’s no surprise that we’re seeing yet another stylish collab. As a result, Bodega kept the French shoemaker’s crossover versatility in mind when reimagining a pair of its X-Mission 4 Suede.

The Boston-based streetwear shop sought to make a shoe that could take on both city sidewalks and backcountry trails, and the clothier pulled it off with flying colors — literally. This spin on Salomon’s elite trainer has been dubbed ‘Full Bleed’ and features a tie-dyed nylon ripstop upper, giving each pair a unique pattern of its own. Afterward, the hazy shade is accented by bright hints of yellow, pink, teal, and 3M detailing placed throughout the shoe.

Bodega tapped Harlem-based multi-disciplinary artist Shaun Crawford for this joint effort, as his distinct portfolio features everything from bombastic oil paintings to previous work for Goyard. Compositionally, the shoe remains similar to before, as it sits on a cushioned midsole and all-terrain outsole, paving the way for the perfect balance of athletic and casual. Just face it: if you haven’t fallen victim to the Salomon hype yet, you’re going to now.

All-purpose shoes aren’t necessarily hard to find from other brands, but it’s hard to compete with Salomon’s blend of comfort and on-trend looks. The Bodega x Salomon X-Mission 4 Suede will be available on the former’s online store for $160 on July 29.

Purchase: $160

Photo: Bodega