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The 20 Best Work From Home Gifts

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We don’t think there’s anyone that would suggest that this holiday season is anything like those that came before it. After all, 2020 has been a bit of a whirlwind of years for so many reasons. And while a lot has changed, one of the biggest things is that more people than ever have found themselves no longer working in an office setting.

While there are plenty of implications regarding what the shift from office spaces to home workstations means in the long run, it has opened up an opportunity or two regarding gift-giving. You see, now that everyone has had to find ways to turn their house into a workspace, there are probably some gaps that need filling regarding the gear used therein. And that’s what this guide is all about: picking out the perfect work-from-home gift to fill in the necessary spaces. Whether you’re in a bind for a last-minute gift or you just want to help someone spruce up their situation, you’ll find the perfect WFH offering below.

lululemon At Ease Jogger

Even before the pandemic, lululemon’s At Ease Jogger would have been an impressive set of cozy, comfortable bottoms great for lounging, traveling to and from the gym, and plenty in-between. Now, they’re even more ideal for the WFH lifestyle thanks to their comfort, breathability, stretch, and stylishness.

Purchase: $125

Mazama Crater Lake Mug

Just because we’re suddenly working at home instead of an office, that doesn’t mean we don’t still need our morning go-go juice. And the Mazama Crater Lake Mug is the perfect vessel for that cup or two of strong coffee.

Purchase: $36

Amazon Echo Dot 4th Generation Smart Speaker

Staying organized is of paramount importance when working from home, and it’s easy to use technology to achieve those ends so long as you have access to an AI assistant, like Amazon’s Alexa. Well, you can use Alexa to manage your calendar, stream music or the news, and even control all your other smart devices with the Amazon Echo Dot.

Purchase: $50


If you don’t have the luxury of space for a full-sized desk, working from home can get a bit tricky. But it’s easily managed with the HUANO Lap Desk, which offers plenty of work area for a laptop, storage for your phone and some office supplies, and more.

Purchase: $58

Native Union Dock Wireless Charger Stand

Keeping in close contact while working from home is, thankfully, not that hard to manage since most folks use smartphones nowadays. But keeping them juiced up is another thing entirely, which is why we like Native Union’s wireless charging dock you see here.

Purchase: $70

Logitech MX Anywhere 3 Mouse

This mouse might actually be the ultimate WFH computer peripheral. That’s because Logitech gave it the ability to work on just about any surface — yes, even your sweatpants — and they loaded it with a battery that can last for up to 70 hours between recharges.

Purchase: $80

Grovemade Desk Tray

A valet tray works pretty well for a handful of everyday carry items, but desk and office gear requires a bit more organization. And you’ll find exactly that in Grovemade’s compartmental Desk Tray, which is available in two handsome colorways and was built to last.

Purchase: $90

Keychron K2 Wireless Mechanical Keyboard

Since working from home means you’re a lot less likely to annoy your coworkers, we suggest people upgrade to an admittedly-louder but so much more satisfying and accurate mechanical keyboard, like the Keychron K2 wireless one you see here.

Purchase: $95

Warby Parker Hayden Blue Light-Blocking Glasses

Warby Parker makes some of the most stylish and approachable glasses and sunglasses around. As it turns out, you can also get their iconic frames in blue-light-blocking varieties, helping ease your eye strain while you’re working from anywhere.

Purchase: $95+

GREATS The Foster Slipper

An alternative, outdoor-inspired take on a classic slide, these puffer sandals from GREATS are perfect for working from home, as they’re comfy and cozy but also have a grippy sole for steady footing on any surface.

Purchase: $99

Eve Smart Energy Strip

Everyone who is now suddenly working from home is probably experiencing a fairly big increase in energy bills. But you can help manage that with the Eve smart energy strip, which can actually be controlled via your smartphone for simple-and-straightforward remote control and management.

Purchase: $100

lululemon Compatibility Shirt

For all those video conference calls, it’s important to have a presentable shirt to wear — even if you’re still wearing sweats or shorts on the bottom. And you can’t go wrong with the stretchy comfort and breathability of lululemon’s Compatibility Shirt.

Purchase: $118

Inventery Modular Pocket Fountain Pen

Having a solid and reliable EDC pen is always a good idea. But the Inventery Modular Pocket Fountain Pen gets bonus points because it can transform into a fountain pen, ballpoint, and even a touchscreen-friendly stylus.

Purchase: $135

lululemon At Ease Hoodie

Especially with the mercury steadily dropping as we head into winter, wearing warm and cozy clothes is going to be pretty important to our work-from-home success. Turns out, lululemon’s At Ease Hoodie is the perfect addition to your wardrobe in that regard thanks to its warmth, breathability, and overall comfort.

Purchase: $148

LaCie Rugged External Hard Drive

Working from home doesn’t always mean you’re actually at home. If you like to take your work with you out into the world, you may also want a means by which you can transport and store your data. Well, the LaCie Rugged External Hard Drive has up to 5TB of storage space and it’s practically indestructible, at least by tech standards.

Purchase: $170

Microsoft Surface Headphones 2

With its active noise-canceling tech, smart gesture-based controls, and up to 15 hours of voice call time per charge, Microsoft’s over-ear Surface Headphones 2 are one of the best pairs of WFH headphones around.

Purchase: $250

Amazon Eero Pro Mesh WiFi System

Unless you work on a desktop computer that’s wired directly to your modem, having good WiFi coverage across your entire abode can be a make-or-break WFH necessity. But that’s exactly where Amazon’s eero Pro Mesh System excels. Stay connected anywhere with this system.

Purchase: $399

Herman Miller Aeron Chair

Herman Miller is a superb seating design and manufacturing brand for one very specific reason: they’re experts at combining ergonomics and style. Perhaps nowhere is that more true than in their exceptional Aeron chair. If you’re wondering why this chair has been such a staple of the brand for so long, have a seat in it and see for yourself.

Purchase: $973

Apple MacBook Pro M1 Laptop

Apple’s latest innovation, the in-house M1 chip, is slated to change their business forever and set them even further apart from the competition. And that means now is the perfect time to upgrade to their new house-made tech by picking up their latest, greatest, and most powerful MacBook Pro ever.

Purchase: $1,299+

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