The 10 Best Style Gifts for Father’s Day

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Let’s get one thing straight: “dad fashion” is only a thing if you fall for its trap. We’ve all heard the term before, but who’s to say it truly defines anything? Sure, there may be a portion of parents who throw together chunky old sneakers with jean shorts and call it a day, but there is no shortage of put-together fathers who know what it takes to assemble a fashionable outfit. That said, we decided to roll out a guide with dapper dads in mind, as we’ve scoured the internet for 10 great gifts to pick up in the style department this Father’s Day.


G-SHOCK has expanded its horizons in recent years from its rugged beginnings and is now a major player in the stylish watch sector. Leading the way is the brand’s G-STEEL series, and specifically, the GSTB400. Boasting a stainless steel bezel that is loaded with contrasting finishes, it’s got a look that rivals far-more expensive luxury watches. But since it is still a G-SHOCK, you’re also getting ultra-rugged construction thanks to its Carbon Core Guard structure and endless utility courtesy of its solar-powered timekeeping and Bluetooth connectivity to the G-SHOCK Connected smartphone app.

Purchase: $320

Baxter of California Safety Razor

A solid razor is rarely hard to come by, but a stylish one sure can be. Baxter of California does things the old-fashioned way, crafting a sleek, traditional safety razor for the close shave that dad deserves while also looking great on the bathroom vanity.

Purchase: $65

Le Labo Santal 26 Candle

The niche scent smelled around the world comes in the form of a candle, and that’s all there is to know. The boutique fragrance house’s Santal 26 is a favorite among the likes of everyone from metropolitan go-getters to easy-going homebodies; but, above all else, it’ll be your dad’s favorite, too.

Purchase: $80

Dior Homme EDT

While the Le Labo hype isn’t dying down anytime soon, you also can’t go wrong in picking up a bottle of Dior Homme. Having been around since 2005, the popular fragrance has been a mainstay ever since and manages to smell both modern and timeless at the same time.

Purchase: $94

Hawkins New York Simple Waffle Bathrobe

Waking up in the morning and getting dressed to take on the day is one thing, but taking a shower and cozying up to a plush bathrobe is even better. This waffle-woven option from Hawkins New York is perfect for any time of year, which is probably how often your dad will end up wearing it.

Purchase: $128

Shoes Like Pottery SLPO1 JP Hi

If your father respects artisanal craftsmanship, then these sneakers are a perfect gift for him — once you give him the run down on how they are handcrafted, kiln-fired, and hand-embossed, of course. However, if that doesn’t come up in conversation, then they are still stylish even without the history lesson.

Purchase: $165

Taylor Stitch The Democratic Jean

It’s time for dad to upgrade his jeans, and we can’t think of anyone more equipped to do it than Taylor Stitch. These are crafted from an authentic, premium selvage denim from Japan and cut in a fit that’s tailored while still providing enough roominess for dad to knock back a beer or two.

Purchase: $218

Todd Snyder Diamond Cotton-Silk Full-Placket Sweater Polo

When it comes to menswear in the modern age, there are few better places to look than Todd Snyder. With well-made, timeless pieces available for anyone from the newest dad you know to your very own grandfather, this retro button-up polo serves as a great place to start.

Purchase: $268

Buck Mason Felted Chore Coat

If dad’s style tends to lean more traditional, then he’ll love this handsome chore coat from the esteemed LA-bred boutique Buck Mason. Crafted from soft felted merino wool in a versatile dress-casual style, this is one coat that dad will never want to take off.

Purchase: $225

Persol 714

There’s timeless, then there’s the Persol 714. These iconic folding sunglasses have dressed the heads of countless celebrities, namely Steve McQueen. That said, if they were good enough for the King of Cool, they’ll definitely be great for your old man — if he doesn’t own a pair already.

Purchase: $320+

Rimowa Original Cabin

Going to the airport dressed to the nines isn’t even that big of a fashion statement anymore — however, this ubiquitous carry-on is arguably the biggest one around. Rimowa’s patented and game-changing grooved aluminum suitcase has long set the stylish benchmark in the world of luggage, and your dad could go on countless adventures with this in tow.

Purchase: $1,200

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