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The 5 Best Men’s Silicone Wedding Rings in 2022

Although silicone wedding rings are still a relatively new concept, they’ve seen an incredible rise in popularity since their introduction. Once limited to use amongst first-responders, construction workers, and other active professions, now it’s nearly impossible to go a day without seeing one — be it at the gym, the trail, or even the office. Because let’s face it: Traditional metal bands make for a timeless piece of jewelry, but they’re not exactly suited to the daily rigors of an active lifestyle. With the risk of them being lost, damaged, or injurious to you, it’s a wonder that more people haven’t made the switch.

But with a growing userbase comes a market flooded with options, each boasting unique features as well as supposedly unmatched comfort. And with countless copycats for every contender in the space, it can be difficult to determine a good deal from one that’s too good to be true. All that is to say — for such a simple piece of gear, you’d be surprised how challenging it can be to find a silicone ring for your needs. Having scoured the market for the best these non-metal alternatives have to offer, we’ve come up with five solid performers suited to a range of price points. And for all you holdouts — have a read and see why a silicone ring should be your next purchase.

Why Own A Silicone Wedding Ring?

A Case For Non-Metal

Comfort: One of the main benefits of silicone is that it offers a much more comfortable option compared to traditional metal. In everything from athletic pursuits to professional applications, it’s in your best interest to give one of these rings a shot. They don’t catch or slip, and they’re also much more accomodating of your fingers. Made from flexible materials and featuring temperature-regulating designs, you can kiss the days of sweaty and swollen fingers goodbye.

Safety: One of the most compelling reasons to wear a silicone wedding ring is to protect your fingers during potentially dangerous activities. Whether you’re an auto mechanic tearing down an engine or even just a DIYer who plays with power tools, it’s never a good idea to mix rings and heavy machinery. What’s more, frequent gym-going also puts your digits in danger, with the risk of weights, kettlebells, or ropes going awry. In contrast, silicone rings are designed to break under load, so while you might lose your band, you’ll save your finger in the process. Oh, and if you’re not familiar with the term ‘ring avulsion’, give it a quick Google search — it’ll convince you otherwise if you’re doubting the safety benefits of silicone rings.

Protection: Constant wearing of your wedding band subjects it to all kinds of abuse, even despite your best intentions. From errant knocks passing furniture to adventure-earned badges of honor, it’s inevitable that your ring will come to show its age. In order to keep it looking its best, a silicone wedding ring makes for a good occasional alternative. And let’s be honest — while you could take it off, a lost ring poses an even worse outcome.

Replaceability: Ultimately, silicone wedding rings are a good buy solely for the fact that they’re replaceable. While most metal bands will cost several thousand dollars, silicone rings offer a considerably less expensive alternative. Great for remote backpacking trips into parts unknown or even just a trip down to the local trail, silicone rings make for much less of a disappointment should they go missing. If you’re the type to lead an active lifestyle, it’s worth the added peace of mind.

ThunderFit Silicone Rings

Cheap, simple, and well-reviewed, ThunderFit rings offer a great option for the guy who doesn’t care about brand names or bells and whistles; he just wants a solid ring to get the job done. Made of 100% durable silicone rubber, these stretch to fit around swollen fingers or over large knuckles. Available as singles, packs of four, and sets of seven, they come in a variety of colors and finishes to suit your tastes.

Purchase: $9

SafeRingz Metallic Silicone Wedding Ring

In addition to being made in the USA, SafeRingz offers a solid product at a great price point. So while their metal finishes aren’t quite as realistic as some of the higher-priced ones on this list, they do allow for custom engraving, should you want your partner’s initials or some other inscription. And because they’re made medical grade silicone rubber, they’re biocompatible, heat-resistant, non-conductive, and chemically inert. They come in three separate widths — a 3mm “stackable,” a 6mm “original,” and a 9mm “titan” — meaning you can mix and match your rings to compliment your existing collection.

Purchase: $24

QALO Step Edge Rings

One of the OGs when it comes to silicone wedding bands, QALO has been in the game as long as anyone. As such, they come highly regarded for both their durability as well as their versatility. Featuring QALO’s unique Q2X silicone material, they’re 10x more resistant to gasoline and other solvents compared to traditional silicone and also temperature-resistant over from -75°F to 575°F. What’s more, they come in a number of different colors and patterns, in stepped and rounded edge designs. In other words, there’s something for everyone, whether you want to keep it classy with a metal look-alike or go bold with brushed camo.

Purchase: $25

Groove Life Edge Original Silicone Wedding Ring

Groove Life silicone rings come with a unique rounded interior design that makes them unrivaled in their comfort. For instance, by minimizing contact with your skin, they can go almost unnoticed when worn. But that’s not all — they’re also temperature regulating. So in addition to allowing air to flow in, they let moisture flow out, meaning no more need to worry about clammy or swollen fingers. And with tons of interesting shapes, textures, and interior designs available for purchase, you can customize your look according to your tastes. Backed by a hassle-free warranty, you can’t go wrong with one of these options from Groove Life.

Purchase: $30+

Enso Rings Classic Contour Silicone Ring

While these other options tend to forgo the metal look entirely, Enso manages to imitate traditional bands pretty successfully. And as part of their all-new contour elements line, they infuse the silicone with actual precious metals, so each ring contains trace elements of the material from which it gets its name. In other words — these rings take the best properties of silicone and pair them with a premium package. If you’re looking for a more elegant alternative to the rest of these options, Enso is your best bet. With free returns and a lifetime guarantee, Enso offers a buying experience unmatched in its customer satisfaction.

Purchase: $50

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