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The 8 Best Paracord Survival Bracelets

Photo: Bomber & Co Firestarter Paracord Bracelet

We’re not entirely fond of the word bracelet. Primarily because it conjures up images of femininity and female fashion. But if you take a look back in history, you’ll see that there’s actually a pretty extensive history of men wearing them. Ancient men wore them as a means by which to ward off evil. During the Bronze age, they were worn as a status symbol. In WWII, American soldiers were given identification bracelets which, after the war, became a cool trend (Elvis and James Dean wore them).

Nowadays, we tend to lean toward arm accessories that serve a more pragmatic purpose. Just like the rest of our everyday carry gear, we prefer things that serve at least a secondary purpose outside of fashion. And paracord bracelets are about as good as it gets. In fact, paracord might actually be the ultimate survival tool. So we’ve wrangled together 8 of the best best available on the market today. Ranging from the most basic to the ultimate in emergency preparation, these are the most superb options money can buy.

The Friendly Swede Trilobite Paracord Bracelet

This paracord bracelet is about as bare bones as they come. It doesn’t have a bunch of fancy bells and whistles. It’s just more than 10 feet of 500-pound paracord. In this case, the lack of extra functionality is hardly a drawback because the paracord is such a useful tool. It is load rated and verified by SGS testing at maximum force of 531 pounds. That means you could feasibly use it to hang a hammock that would support just about any average sized human. It also has a super secure clasp that will prevent the bracelet from sliding off your hand without express intent. It’s also covered by the Friendly Swede’s lifetime warranty. In regards to the basics, this one is simply the best.

Purchase: $6+

Bomber & Company Firestarter Paracord Bracelet

This handy accessory actually started as a Kickstarter campaign. And we’re glad it did, because it’s absolutely one of the best crowdfunded pieces of EDC gear we’ve ever come across. Composed of military-grade type III nylon and a clasp that doubles as an emergency fire-starter, this bracelet offers a double dose of killer survival equipment. It’s also water and mildew resistant so you wont have to worry about any pesky bacteria getting into the cracks if you wear this outdoors. But the tight braid and black color way also makes this bracelet a daily-wear accessory that wouldn’t look out of place in the city, either.

Purchase: $8

Sharp Survival WRAPS Emergency Paracord Bracelet

If you need something a little more outdoorsy, but you don’t need a thousand different hideaway pieces, this bracelet is a pretty stellar compromise. It features over 12 feet of paracord, a fire-starter magnesium toggle, and it comes fitted with a compass – in case you like the idea of off-grid adventures. The fire-starter eyelet also has a serrated side which can be used as a miniature saw in a pinch and is especially handy for cutting lengths of paracord. So if you get lost on the trails and need to set up some animal traps for food while you find your way home, this bracelet has all the bases covered.

Purchase: $9

A2S Survival K2-Peak Paracord Bracelet

Offering a bit more functionality than its predecessors, this survival paracord bracelet offers 5 useful tools together in a single pared down format. It is comprised of military-grade 7-strand 550 paracord and features a compass, ferro rod, knife & fire scraper, and emergency whistle that are all built-into the snap-on buckle. The paracord is rated to 550 pounds and the emergency whistle can scream at up to 100 decibels. Whether you’re going off on a weekend getaway or you’re about to start a multi-day hike, this bracelet is an indispensable emergency toolkit.

Purchase: $10

Core Survival 5-in-1 Paracord Bracelet

Another 5-in-1 offering that is superb for extreme adventure, this bracelet features 10 feet of paracord rated at a breaking point of 601 pounds, a self-defense whistle suitable for scaring off wildlife, a magnesium fire starter, an emergency scraper/cutting tool, and a built-in buckle. Best of all, the compass doubles as a locking mechanism for the buckle. Simple click together the buckle and slide the compass into place and the bracelet will stay securely on your wrist for the entirety of your adventures.

Purchase: $16+

Aegis Gears X-Series 19 Piece Paracord Bracelet

If you’re looking for something a little more comprehensive out of your paracord bracelet, this incredible option features a whopping 19 different tools to help you survive any and all emergency situations. The 12′ of custom military grade MIL-C-5040 type III 550 parachute cord is embedded with copper wire, a hemp tinder line, a secondary fishing line, and seven nylon inner cores with three twisted strands. It also comes equipped with a stainless steel scraper, a compass, a magnesium fire starter rod, 2 fishing hooks, 2 fishing lines, 2 swivels, 2 weights, 2 floats, an alcohol pad, dried tinder, and 2 safety pins.

Purchase: $17

Last Man The Ultimate Paracord Survival Bracelet

Calling a product the “ultimate” anything is usually a pretty risky venture. Luckily, this one isn’t too far off the mark, as it features more than enough gear to be a respectable survival kit worthy of use by anyone that fancies themselves an outdoorsman. Contained within its construction is 12 feet of usable paracord, two fishing hooks of differing sized, 30 feet of 10 pound fishing line, 2 bobbers, 2 sinkers, a compass, a stainless steel scraper, a ferrocerium fire starter rod, a dried grass tinder bundle (for starting a fire), and two safety pins. In all honesty, even if this doesn’t deserve the mantle of the “ultimate” paracord survival bracelet, it’s pretty damn close.

Purchase: $18+

The EDC Prepper Paracord Bracelet

If only the absolute best of the best and most comprehensive will do for you, then this is it. This paracord bracelet survival kit is easily the most encyclopedic of any others on this list. In fact, the only downside is that it comes with a price tag to match. Just to give you an idea of how crazy this kit is, encompassed within a single bracelet there is housed fire steel, paracord, duct tape, an LED Light, tinder, a needle, a luminous compass, a ceramic razor blade, a whistle, a signal mirror, water pure tabs, a kevlar saw and snare, and a fish hook with a line. But this kit isn’t some mass produced hunk of junk, either. Each one of these bracelets is made in the USA to order. So you know that, if you order one, you’ll have the care and attention of a true craftsman going into it.

Purchase: $125+