The 10 Best Glass Water Bottles For EDC in 2022

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Over the last half-decade, reusable water bottles have seen a major influx in popularity, helping to significantly cut down on the approximately 2.7 million tons of plastic water bottles produced annually — 99% of which ends up in landfills where they take more than five centuries to break down. And while the majority of reusable bottles are constructed out of heavy-duty plastics and food-grade stainless steel, there’s another, arguably superior material that these reusable receptacles are made from: glass.

Reusable glass water bottles offer a host of benefits over their plastic and metal counterparts, however, not all glass water bottles are created equal. And with literally hundreds of glass water bottle types currently available, finding the right bottle for you typically requires sorting through a seemingly endless sea of mediocre-to-less-than-stellar glass bottle offerings just to find a few good ones. So, with that in mind, we’ve scoured the segment, to save you time and energy and bring you the 10 best glass water bottles currently on the market.

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Why Glass Is Better

A Crystal Clear Argument

There are a number of factors that together make glass water bottles markedly superior to their metal and plastic-composed brethren. First off, glass is 100% recyclable and made from all-natural, sustainable materials (liquid sand infused with some calcium and sodium carbonates). Glass is also free of the chemicals and additives that are routinely used in plastic bottles such as BPA (bisphenol-A), phthalate, and PVC (polyvinyl chloride). Said chemicals are not only potentially harmful, but they can also negatively affect the taste of the water or whatever other liquid is being stored in the cell. Glass also won’t leach if left in direct sunlight for a prolonged period like plastic bottles will.

As a material, glass is also easy to clean and sanitize. And because most reusable glass bottles are made from reinforced glass, they’re less prone to developing knicks and scratches that can often lead to bacteria growth. Glass can also be heated to high temperatures for cleaning purposes and is typically dishwasher safe. It’s also much easier to plainly see if a reusable glass water bottle is clean compared to a plastic or stainless steel bottle — a trait that’s particularly handy for EDC water bottles.

Photo: Zulu

The vast majority of reusable glass water bottles are composed of reinforced varieties of glass. Should a reinforced glass bottle break, the glass won’t shatter into sharp and jagged shards and will instead break down into more uniform bits that pose less of a safety threat, not unlike auto safety glass, just without the lamination process. And when fortified via an external silicone sleeve or rubber coating, reusable glass water bottles are surprisingly durable.

Glass also offers the best taste of any reusable bottle material. It’s no coincidence that the world’s very best liquors and drinks are always offered in glass containers, unlike bottom shelf booze which comes in a plastic receptacle. And while this last attribute is arguably a little subjective, glass possesses an overall higher-quality and more top-shelf feel to it, plus it boasts a superior aesthetic when compared to plastic bottles and most metal ones, too.

ZULU Studio Glass Water Bottle with Silicone Sleeve

Backed by a lifetime guarantee from ZULU, the 26oz Studio glass water bottle features a protective silicone sleeve that doesn’t need to be removed when placed in the dishwasher. Designed for athletes and offered in two unique colorways, the bottle features a textured, non-slip grip and a fully leak-proof, locking flip-up lid – with an integrated carrying hook — that allows its user to drink directly from a glass opening. And, not only is the ZULU Studio a fantastic glass water bottle, but it also boasts an exceedingly reasonable MSRP.

Purchase: $15

Ello Aura 24oz Glass Water Bottle

Ello’s Aura is an attractive 24oz bottle fortified via a non-removable silicone sleeve that also affords its user ample grip. A window between the two sections of the sleeve allows for easy monitoring while still insuring the Aura is fully protected should it be dropped. 100% dishwasher safe, this bottle packs a simple push-button operation to open its flip-up lid, which exposes a glass opening. And despite its premium glass construction, this item tips the scales at under 1.5lbs.

Purchase: $17

EQUA Mismatch Glass Bottle

This 25oz water bottle from EQUA is a dapper take on traditional glass bottles. The glass cylinder is made from borosilicate glass and is designed and manufactured in the Czech Republic. Separating the Mismatch from other offerings, however, is its stylish monochrome graphic design, felt sleeve with accent stitching, and faux leather carrying strap, though it’s also offered with a faux leather sleeve and decorative metal buckle. Its lid is made from polished stainless steel, Tritan, and a silicone ring that together ensure the bottle is 100% leakproof and incredibly sturdy for a glass cylinder.

Purchase: $23+

Kablo Glass Water Bottle 32oz

For those in search of a minimalistic, no-frills glass water bottle, it’s hard to do better than Kablo’s wonderfully simple design seen here. Available in both 21oz and 32oz sizes, this understated vessel is made from 100% borosilicate glass and is paired with a traditional twist-off stainless steel lid. Sold with a one year warranty, Kablo’s bottle was designed to fit a car’s standard cup holder. Cleaning this bottle is a breeze, too, thanks to its extra-wide two-inch opening, which is also great for popping in ice cubes, tea bags, or lemon wedges.

Purchase: $30+

ONEISALL Large Capacity Double Wall Glass Bottle

This generously-sized 34oz bottle from ONEISALL boasts a double-walled construction, allowing it to keep cold drinks cold (or hot drinks hot) for up to 24 hours. What sets this water bottle apart, however, is its removable tea filter, which allows you to drop tea leaves (or bags, or whatever other infusions you desire) inside the main compartment. The bottle is also sold with a convenient (and protective) carrying case and a handy cleaning brush.

Purchase: $33

Contigo Glass Water Bottle With A Quick-Twist Lid

Contigo is one of the biggest names in today’s reusable water bottle game, and with offerings like its 20oz glass bottle, it’s not hard to see why. Offered in four colors, the bottle features an integrated carrying loop and a heavily textured grip on its removable, protective silicone sleeve. Its twist-and-flip cap offers an easy-to-use locking system. Whether you’re looking for a new glass bottle to bring to the gym, or need a new bottle to use around the office, it’s hard to go wrong with a Contigo.

Purchase: $33

Epic Water Filters Escape Glass Filtered Water Bottle

The Escape glass bottle from Epic Water Filters packs a unique design with a protective silicone sleeve that boasts a mountain range-inspired silhouette. The bottle’s biggest selling point is its removable filter that uses coconut carbon-fiber mesh surface areas that allow it to offer an impressive one-micron contaminant removal. Also offered in four colors, this bottle is made in America and is sold with a 100% lifetime satisfaction guarantee.

Purchase: $45

BKR Naked 1L

When it comes to extra-large-sized reusable glass water bottles, it really doesn’t get much better than BKR’s Naked 1L. Though the bottle is also available in 8oz and 16oz variants, the 1-liter (32oz) model the brand’s most popular. Sold in a whopping 15 different color options, this dishwasher-safe, narrow-necked bottle has an understated elegance that separates it from other offerings on the market. A semi-opaque twist-off cap features a built-in carrying loop, making to perfect for hanging from a backpack or carabiner.

Purchase: $48

Purist 18oz Unbreakable Glass-Lined Mover Water Bottle

Also available in 10oz and 32oz sizes and in a variety of masculine colors, this double-walled, vacuum insulated bottle boasts an “unbreakable” interior layer shielded by a rugged metal exterior. This offers the benefits of a metal vacuum insulated bottle — keeping hot drinks hot for 12 hours and cold drinks cold for 25 hours — while still affording the luxury of drinking from a glass reservoir. Not only is this Purist bottle a great-looking product, but it’s by far the most durable and hardwearing bottle on the market.

Purchase: $48

H2OPal Hydration Tracker

This H2OPal bottle combines modern smart tech with a traditional glass bottle. A stellar fitness gadget, this smart bottle tracks its user’s hydration levels, taking into account the user’s activity, profile (height, weight, sex, etc) and sending reminders to your smartphone, tablet or computer when it’s time to hydrate. The entire system runs off a single (included) potent rechargeable Lithium battery, too. Without a doubt, this is the most high-tech and cutting-edge glass bottle you’ll ever drink from.

Purchase: $99

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