Bean Browser: Best Coffee You Can Buy Online

When I buy my coffee, I go for the real gourmet stuff. The good stuff. Because I want to taste it. That’s why hitting the super market and heading for the bean isle just doesn’t suffice anymore. No offense to the big brands of the world, or those that drink them, but I don’t want Starbucks brand coffee. I don’t want Maxwell House, or NesCafé, and I don’t need no stinking Folgers.

No; in this world of online availability, the web is the place to get the best coffee. Some of the best blends of that magical bean come from micro-roasters and small outfits that haven’t got their products inside major supermarkets. These are the brands that genuinely care about how their coffee tastes, not to mention where it’s from, and whether or not it’s ethically sourced. Check out this list of the Best Coffee You Can Buy Online and opt for a new brew that you can make in your own home.

Coava Coffee

The Brewers: Coava means “unroasted, or ‘green’ coffee.” It also refers to the coffee roaster from the Northwest, that prides itself on its naturally sourced coffee. The company sources its coava beans from only the best farms around the world. They are also committed to education about farm sustainable practices and coffee in general, so if you feel like learning something about your favorite caffeinated beverage, check out their site.

The Beans: El Ishco refers to a section of the Finca La Guachoca farm owned by Pacas family, an illustrious coffee family from El Salvador who provides some of the best El Salvadoran beans in the world of coffee. The coffee is made from beans with dried cherries around them, adding fruity tones to a naturally chocolate-y blend. Mmmmm.

Purchase: $15

Onyx Coffee Lab

The Brewers: A roaster dedicated to the meticulous craft of making great coffee, Onyx Coffee Lab has been operating out of Arkansas since 2012. They believe that no amount of skill or roasting can replace the nascent goodness of well-sourced green coffee. Most of the brands on this list seem to agree with that assertion, and that’s what separates the micro-roasters from big names.

The Beans: Southern Weather is Onyx’s mainstay roast, and there’s a reason they keep it around. A balance of citric acidity and full-bodied chocolate flavor, Southern Weather is complex and intricate blend that is composed of beans from Colombia Aponte Village, Guatemala La Esperanza, and Ethiopia Guji Uraga.

Purchase: $15

Stumptown Coffee Roasters

The Brewers: Stumptown is one of the most well known roasters on the list. You’ve probably seen their cold brew bottles on the shelves of your local Whole Foods or Trader Joes. This medium-sized roaster not only makes delicious coffee, but some awesome camp kits for the coffee drinker in the wilderness. Est. 1999, Stumptown has made its name roasting coffee with personal dedication, and a commitment to ethical and quality sourcing.

The Beans: Stumptown’s Hair Bender is made to curl your locks, with a high caffeine content. It’s also their first and most popular blend, offering – as they put it – “clarity and complexity” in its taste. A blend of three beans, from Indonesia, Africa and Latin America, Stumptown cafés use this blend in their espresso-based drinks, but it can be used in any brewing method, from pour over to drip.

Purchase: $15

Reanimator Coffee

The Brewers: Reanimator Coffee Roasters is all Philly. Besides producing iconic fictional boxers and (lately) winning Super Bowls, Philadelphia brews a mean cup of coffee. Reanimator continues that tradition, sourcing their blends from distant locations like Costa Rica, Ethiopia and Guatemala. Their mission statement is to provide an excellent coffee experience, and their online presence + subscription service certainly do that.

The Beans: With a flavor of lemonade, corn syrup, honeysuckle, how could you pass up the Don Cayito blend by Reanimator Coffee? Sweet, succulent, floral, and saccharine without being cloying, the Don Cayito is a sweet way to start your morning.

Purchase: $16

The Brewers: Located in the neighborhood of Park Slope in Brooklyn, New York City – where they love their coffee – Gorilla Coffee is a tiny little micro-roastery with coffee that beats its chest among the giants. For more than 15 years they’ve stayed relevant in the growing Brooklyn coffee scene. If New York City is the big apple, then BK is the big Coffee Bean, and you can have a taste by checking out Gorilla Coffee’s website.

The Beans: La Esperanza is a blend from El Salvador. A bourbon coffee, the beans grow in between two mountains in the Lamatepec Valcano, Santa Ana region of El Salvador, incubating them in their own micro climate to produce a luxurious blend.

Purchase: $17

Counterculture Coffee

The Brewers: Counterculture Coffee is a name we love, since we know just how inextricably tied the rebellion of youth and that hot bean water they love historically is.  Dedicated to transparency in their sources and supply chain, as well as helping people understand the facts behind the coffee they drink, Counterculture coffee is an ethical roaster worthy of admiration. On top of their moral scruples, Counterculture also has some pretty tasty coffee beans.

The Beans: Frank. Inside this awesomely colorful package is a perfect encapsulation Counterculture’s honesty – their desire to be “frank.” A blend of coffees from Mexico and Kenya, Counterculture describes the Frank blend as an exploration of “what it means to have transparency about the prices farmers receive and how that transparency can transform supply chain.” More fundamentally, the coffee offers a fruity, effervescent taste involving clementine, green grape, and cane sugar.

Purchase: $19

Verve Coffee

The Brewers: Verve Coffee Roasters has several brick and mortar stores, located in hip areas full of discerning coffee fans, and have managed to thrive. Their online store is the perfect channel for those not near a location, as you can pick from all of Verve’s best blends. They also offer a plenitude of awesome mugs and a customizable subscription service. The Coffee Roaster from Santa Cruz is committed to providing you with the richest, tastiest coffee.

The Beans: From the Verve shelves we’ve selected their Rio Paez blend. With a sparkling citric tinge, and a bit of a Pear aftertaste, this is a uniquely delicious offering from Verve.

Purchase: $19

Death Wish Coffee

The Brewers: The skull and crossbones on their packaging says almost everything you need to know about Death Wish Coffee. Self-billed as the “world’s strongest coffee,” Death Wish is made for those who need a hefty kick in the mornings. USDA Certified Organic and Fairtrade coffee, this is a bold and ethical roaster who provides the amply energetic coffee that the more caffeine-tolerant coffee drinkers of the world desire. It’s also a perfect holiday gift for the person in your family who loves coffee so much it might kill them.

The Beans: The World’s Strongest Coffee blend from Death Wish probably won’t give you a heart attack, but for those not used to a sharp caffeine intake it’s recommended you take it slow. A bold and powerful blend, the World’s Strongest Coffee is guaranteed to wake you up.

Purchase: $19

Ritual Coffee

The Brewers: Ritual Coffee Roasters is a truly down to Earth brand. So down to Earth that they even name and offer the story of the person who grew the coffee beans they sell. While other coffee roasters might offer the country, the region or even the specific farm that cultivated the beans in their blends, Ritual Coffee Roasters will tell you the very man or woman who watered those beans and brought them to maturity, and even some information about what made that person become a coffee farmer.

The Beans: The La Bandera blend was grown in El Quetzal, Costa Rica by farmer Diego Hidalgo. The Caturra blend, according to Ritual, tastes like lemon-lime soda, honey, graham cracker. Now who wouldn’t want that? This blend is ideal for espresso brewing.

Purchase: $19

Huckleberry Coffee

The Brewers: Huckleberry Coffee is based in Denver, Colorado, with an emphasis on supporting their local community. They aver that their company caters to the coffee drinking spectrum, from the aficionados to the casual drinkers, Huckleberry is an accessible brand – and more importantly, they make delicious coffee.

The Beans: One of the coffees served in their many cafes, the house espresso blend is Blue Orchid. It’s designed to be approachable and not overpowering. Crafted from certain Central and South American beans in order to evoke a sweet yet full-bodied flavor, the Huckleberry Blue Orchid is for those coffee drinkers with a bit of a sweet tooth.

Purchase: $19

Heart Coffee Roasters

The Brewers: Portland is a coffee-loving land, if ever there was one. With three cafe locations in Rip City, Heart Coffee Roasters is a beloved brand, and they have plenty selections from which to choose. Ranked by as one of Portland’s best roasters, they offer a variety of delicious blends, and an awesome subscription service.

The Beans: The Colombia Aguas Claras is our pick from Heart. With a taste that smacks of butterscotch, persimmon and cacao, this blend is desserty and rich, if you’re into that sort of thing (we are).

Purchase: $20

Koffee Kult

The Brewers: Koffee Kult is a family-owned, gourmet coffee roaster from Hollywood, Florida. They’ve grown from a single small roaster to a multi-roaster, but have managed to adhere to environmentally friendly and ethical sourcing practices. They offer a variety of artisan coffees, and a subscription service.

The Beans: 100% arabica speciality grade coffee blend with beans from Colombia, Guatemala, and Sumatra, the Koffee Kult dark roast is the company’s most popular blend. A strong, bold flavor and smooth finish makes this coffee delicious.

Purchase: $25

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