Hot ‘n’ Ready: 20 Best Coffee And Tea Mugs

Our country is going through period of time in which we all seem to share less and less with one another. We disagree on more than just policy and culture, but on a basic sets of facts and even the fundamental idea of what it means to be an American. This deep, increasing rift can leave one with a sense of dread about what may explode up out of it – but it can also inspire one to appreciate the things we all still share; a good football game, a solid beer, and a hearty cup of coffee in the morning.

We’re not just making this up. Nearly 83% of American adults drink a cup of coffee every morning. Sure, that’s not sweeping consensus on our nation’s most pressing issues – but we’ll take it. As a kind of celebration of our mutual love for the coffee bean, tea leaf, and all that they provide, we pulled together a list of the best coffee and tea mugs out there. Each are unique in their own way, but share the same basic idea: helping you get up and ready for the day.

Zyliss Travel French Press Mug

A simple, but well designed mug from Zyliss that is made from a BPA free plastic and double-walled to help keep your brew warmer for longer. In addition to its attractive design and sharp look – this mug has a built-in french-press design that allows users to brew up a hot cup of coffee on the go.

Purchase: $10

Camera Lens Thermos Mug

Designed to look just like the Canon Model EF 24-105mm lens, this mug is an ideal pick for the photography fiend. It measures in at 12-ounces and can keep hot liquids hot for hours, thanks to its tight fitting lid and thick side walls.

Purchase: $10

Don’t F***ing Procrastinate Mug

Coffee and tea, for a lot of people, are a motivator. This mug is designed to put a bit of an exclamation point at the end of each sip with its no-nonsense demand to get back to work. You can pick this mug up either in the bold black and white or the decidedly more subtle black on black design.

Purchase: $17

JoyJolt Serene Double Walled Glasses

A well-insulated mug doesn’t have to look like the casing to a huge shell. This double-walled glass cup features a more petite look to it thanks to the smaller 7.4 ounce size and delicate handle. Each comes with a 1-year warranty and is guaranteed to be both oven and freezer safe.

Purchase: $18

Rambler 10 Ounce Lowball

Looking for a simple, rugged lowball mug for keeping your tea and coffee piping hot? Yeti’s Rambler 10 ounce lowball is well worth your consideration. The double-wall vacuum insulation keeps your drinks warm (or cold), while the included sipping top keeps your mustache from dipping into the drink. You can pick these up in either stainless steel or a handful of DuraCoat colors.

Purchase: $20

Snow Peak Stainless Double 330 Mug

When it comes to camp cook wear, it is hard to out-design Snow Peak. The Japanese brand has a knack for turning out equipment that is as sleek as it is capable. Their stainless steel camp mug is no exception. Weighing in at just 7.6 ounces and featuring a double-walled design – it’s ideal for using around the campfire.

Purchase: $20

KeepCup Espresso

Made from a durable soda lime glass and featuring an attractive up-cycled cork, this mug from Keepcup is great for sipping on your way to work in the morning. As much a design piece as it is a functional mug for getting your liquid gold from point A to B, the cork sleeve is designed to develop a patina over time and tell the story of your tea obsession.

Purchase: $24

Miir Camp Cup

Miir didn’t pull any punches with this mug. Made from 18/8 medical grade stainless steel and featuring a special Thermo 3D Double Wall Vacuum Insulating technology, this mug will keep your cold brew cold and hot tea warm for much longer than your common cup. To prevent spills and keep you from getting your whiskers soaked with fuel – the camp cup comes with a plastic top. Pick one up in one of three different colors.

Purchase: $25

Fellow Products Big Jo’ Mug

A lot of double-walled mugs feature a kind of aggressive, almost tactical look to them. Fellow’s Big Jo’ is not one of them. This design-forward mug has a ceramic build and copper bottom as well as a double-walled construction. It also doesn’t hurt that it has a 12 ounce capacity. Can you say ‘best of both worlds’?

Purchase: $30

Bestmade Co Seamless & Steadfast Enamel Cups

Before vacuum insulation was a thing – what you’d find around a campfire was a bunch of mugs that looked a little something like this. Or, at the very least, they were made of enamel. These mugs from Best Made feature that same old-school camp look, but with a much more refined and interesting graphic design treatment. Great for bringing along with you on a camping trip, but probably better for setting on your desk and showing off to all your coworkers.

Purchase: $32

Magnetic Stoneware Bamboo Mug

Every tea-drinker has their solution to the problem of a used bag of tea. Some wrap it around their spoon, others let it sit on their saucer, and then there are those who get lazy and let it sit on the table. This stoneware and bamboo mug offers a new solution – putting the teabag inside your cup. The simple, attractive tea cup separates into two – making space for placing your tea bag after you’re done steeping it.

Purchase: $32

Heath Ceramics Large Mug

For those that don’t like only being able to wrap an index finger around their mug’s handle, there is the Large Mug from Heath Ceramics. This microwave and dishwasher save cup boasts a handle large enough for you to shoot four fingers through for a more secure, morning-proof grip.

Purchase: $36

CG Ceramics Stoneware Mug

For those who dig the arts and crafts vibe of hand-made stoneware mugs, these are well worth considering. Made by a small team based out of Bellevue, Kentucky, these American-made mugs are made one at a time on a foot powered wheel – and then glazed one of four colors.

Purchase: $40

East Fork Mug

When people talk about their ‘favorite coffee mug,’ this is what we picture. This clay cup with a swooped handle features an attractive three-quarter glaze, exposing the natural stone towards the bottom of the mug. Each is glazed to order and can be picked up in either a pine, wine, dark sea, or eggshell colorway.

Purchase: $42

Mazama Large Mug

A personal favorite in our office, the Mazama Alabaster mug boasts an angular handle and clean white look contrasted by the stoneware bottom. It can hold up to 12-ounces of black gold at a time and is proudly made right here in the U.S. of A.

Purchase: $42

Brux Pour Over Coffee System

For those that find themselves camping more often than not, you may want to consider Boco’s Brux Pour over coffee system. More than just being an insulated mug, this coffee cup comes with a pull-out pour-over system that gives users the ability pack in all the gear they need to make a coffee without wasting any space. And to top it off – it’ll keep your coffee or tea hot for a long time.

Purchase: $60

Libbey Robusta Glass Mug

For the minimalist looking for a simple mug that’ll match their work or living space’s aesthetic, there is this Robusta glass mug from Libbey. Made in the USA with lead-free glass, it’s the perfect item for enjoying or even glamorizing your coffee and tea. And to top it all off – you’ll get to watch your creamer swim around in all of that dark coffee and tea.

Purchase: $57


Looking for something that’s a little more unique but not necessarily zany or goofy looking? Consider the Mugr. This matte glazed ceramic mug boasts a sleek modernist look that’s accented by a striking wooden handle. The only downside to this unique, award winning mug is the fact that it requires hand washing and cannot be microwaved. In our minds, that’s a small price to pay.

Purchase: $60

Ember Ceramic Mug

For some, an insulated mug simply isn’t enough. Hence, this high-tech contraption from Ember. While it is designed to look and feel like a common mug, it’s just about the furthest thing from it. The cup features an integrated app-controlled heater that will keep your coffee and tea at your preferred temperature so long as it is full. You can even save temperature pre-sets for your favorite drinks.

Purchase: $80

Kaufmann Mercantile Ceramic Stoneware Mugs

On the hunt for a mug that is as high-end as the coffee you endeavor to sip from it? Consider Tracie Heavy Ceramics’ stoneware cups. These hand-thrown porcelain ceramic mugs are each unique in their own way and look amazing both on the shelf and in your hand.

Purchase: $144

How To Make The Perfect Pour Over Coffee

Ok, so now you have an idea about what kind of coffee mug you want, it’s worth diving deeper into how to actually make yourself a cup of pour-over coffee.