The 10 Best Beach Camping Essentials

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After a long week of hard work, disagreeable clients, and stressful business meetings, taking a trip down to your favorite beach for a healthy dose of rest and relaxation might seem like an attractive proposition. In many ways, the ocean has the ability to repair our literal, and figurative wounds, helping to keep us sane and remind us of the grandeur of nature. As such, a day-trip might not seem like the most appealing thing, causing us to take to the sand-strewn expanses for days (and possibly even weeks) at a time.

Setting up camp on the beach isn’t a complicated process, but your experience can certainly be enhanced if you arrive prepared. Whether you’re looking to stay for a day, or for a week, a well-rounded catalog of packable items can keep you in high spirits throughout your trip, allowing you to focus on the memories being made, instead of worrying about minor issues. Below, we’ll outline a handful of items that will make your excursion that much more pleasurable, and give you a brief look into what a quintessential beach setup might look like. So pack some sunblock and a pile into the Land Cruiser, we’re headed down to the waterfront.

Sea To Summit Inflatable Pack Rack

Heading down to the beach for a day of fun in the sun is a common occurrence within coastal communities around the world, and if you’re planning on packing the car full of food, festive gear, and friends, it might be hard to find room for your surfboard, kayak, or SUP. That’s why Sea To Summit’s Inflatable Pack Rack makes so much sense; it’s a packable system that’s been conceived to make the transportation of essential items an easy affair. Each inflatable rack can be packed down into a form-fitting, four-liter pack, giving users the ability to stow the Pack Rack until it’s needed, while a durable 420D TPU-laminated nylon construction and a selection of high-quality webbing ensure that your gear stays secure and safe.

Purchase: $100

Matador Pocket Blanket 2.0

Days at the beach are characterized by warm, enticing weather, but at night, things can get a little chilly. Luckily, Matador’s Pocket Blanket 2.0 is the perfect packable option to keep you warm during those breezy afternoons. Each example is made from ruggedized Hyperlyte nylon, allowing it to stand up to harsh environmental inhibitors while remaining a comfortable and capable as any other blanket on the market. Better yet, it’s water-repellant, puncture-resistant, and ready for use by up to four fully-grown adults.

Purchase: $30

Filson Tin Bush Hat

If you’re going to spend a breezy afternoon on the waterfront, you might want to invest in a dependable, durable piece of headwear to block out those troublesome grains of sand. Filson’s Tin Bush Hat was created with beach days in mind, calling upon an extra-wide brim for enhanced sun protection, a cotton sweatband to keep your comfortable and perspiration-free, and ventilating grommets to promote adequate airflow during the warmer months.

Purchase: $70

United By Blue 30L Base Backpack

United By Blue’s 30L Base Backpack is the quintessential carrier for all of your essential items, bridging the gap between stylish simplicity, protection, and organization. It boasts a water-repellent recycled polyester exterior and a menagerie of interior pockets to keep things in working order, while a robust 30-liter volume ensures that all of your gear will stay protected throughout your trip.

Purchase: $108

VSSL First Aid Kit

VSSL’s all-encompassing First Aid Kit is one of the most attractive utilitarian collections around, and thanks to the company’s commitment to quality, it’s also one of the handiest. Each pack boasts a waterproof, compact design that’s ready any adventure, including minor excursions like a beach camping trip. Inside, you’ll find a selection of important items, from an integrated flashlight, compass, and bandages, all the way to hemostatic agents and antiseptics, all supported by a waterproof, military-grade aluminum container.

Purchase: $125

BioLite Camp Stove 2

Sometimes, a night at the beach calls for some culinary innovation. BioLite’s Camp Stove 2 is the perfect peripheral for all of your seaside cooking applications, providing users with a patented combustion technology that uses a vortex of smokeless flames to create the quintessential portable campfire. With Camp Stove 2, you’ll be able to cook all of your favorite meals, charge your electronics, and use nature’s natural kindling to keep your nights warm and cozy.

Purchase: $130

NEMO Forte 35 Sleeping Bag

After a long, fun-filled day on the scorching sands, it’s time to wind down with a little rest and relaxation. NEMO’s Forte 35 Sleeping Bag offers an attractive ultralight silhouette that’s as packable as they come while boasting a warm and comfortable FeatherCore synthetic insulation to keep you protected from those nippy nights on the waterfront. It’s great for any three-season camping endeavor and features a unique spoon shape to give you more room for your elbows and knees, allowing you to change sleeping positions without putting up a fight. Better yet, each sleeping bag is made with a dependable DWR finish and 30-denier ripstop polyester, meaning that you won’t have to worry about rips and tears that might affect lesser models.

Purchase: $160

Yeti Hopper Flip 8

Yeti’s Hopper Flip 8 might just be one of the most important items in your beach camping arsenal. This cubed, leakproof adventure cooler comes outfitted with a dependable HyrdoLok Zipper, ColdCell insulation, and a packable orientation that makes keeping your favorite beverages cool, accessible, and protected an easy affair.

Purchase: $200

Black Diamond Firstlight 2P Tent

If you’re going camping, you’re going to need a tent. After all, what’s a camping trip without that outdoor feel? Black Diamond’s Firstlight 2P Tent is the perfect addition to your beach-faring collection and comes outfitted with a strong, supportive NanoShield single-wall fabric, a durable 70-denier polyester floor, and zippered mesh panels to let in a healthy helping of ocean air. DAC Featherlite poles ensure that the Firstlight 2P is both packable and carryable, making it an attractive offering for those who prefer more secluded locations.

Purchase: $370

Firewire Seaside Helium Surfboard

A day at the beach is a day wasted if you’re not taking advantage of the waves. While that might seem subjective, the addition of Firewire’s Seaside Helium Surfboard will take your beach-borne outings from drab to exciting at the drop of a dime. If the surf looks good, this beginner-amateur level board is sure to exceed expectations as you carve, turn, and slash your way to a memorable afternoon on the water.

Purchase: $785

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