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The Beats Studio Buds + are Completely Translucent

Beats Studio Plus Buds Headphones 00 Hero
Photos: Beats by Dre

While earbuds used to be considered sub-par (or at least substitutes) to over-ear headphones, the advancements in noise-canceling technology and Bluetooth audio have proven them to be worthy equals. With the release of the Beats Studio Buds in 2021, Dr. Dre’s audio equipment label, Beats by Dre, had a fierce competitor in the rapidly improving wireless headphone arena, rivaling AirPods and other contemporaries. And now the iconic company is back, with a refined version of the Beats Studio Buds: The Beats Studio Buds +, featuring better noise cancellation and battery life – with a translucent case and earbuds to boot.

Beats Studio Plus Buds Headphones 1
Photo: Beats by Dre

Although the original version of these earbuds are quite good, easily going tit for tat with the AirPods Pro, there’s always room for improvement. These improvements begin with bigger and better mics and (up to) 1.6x times more noise-canceling functionality. This provides a more immersive listening experience, complemented by the Dolby Atmos spatial audio. Two active noise-canceling listening modes allow users to personalize their listening experience further. On top of that, the transparency mode utilizes external mics to include ambient sounds in the music, so there’s no need to worry about missing your stop. As for non-music audio, these updates make for cleaner audio whether you’re listening or speaking.

Beats Studio Plus Buds Headphones 2
Photo: Beats by Dre

If long calls or symphonies are regularly in your ears, the improved comfort and battery life should catch your attention. The charging case provides up to 36 hours of listening time, but it doesn’t stop there; if you find yourself running low on battery, the case can dish out another hour of playback after five minutes of charging. Three acoustic vents were also added to the buds to improve comfort, allowing listeners to rock out longer.

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Photo: Beats by Dre

The Beats Studio Buds + are available now for $169.99 on the website, along with a bonus six-month Apple Music trial.