Bean Box’s Seinfeld Coffee Collection Invites You to Giddy Up With Every Cup

May 16, 2022

Category: Food

Beanbox is one of the hottest online coffee subscriptions around right now, offering artisanal blends from all across the globe. Its latest collection is one of the more unique concoctions to date, and it’s making us ask… what’s the deal? Bean Box’s Seinfeld Coffee Collection is an homage to the iconic show’s quartet of main characters.

The collection is composed of four interesting blends that evoke each character’s personality and jokes from the series. These include Jerry’s Diner Blend, a smooth, Brazilian coffee with notes of brown sugar, roasted almonds, and chocolate, which seems appropriate for someone with such a variety of sugary cereals in his cupboard. Next up is George’s Serenity Now, boasting a robust flavor with notes of molasses and bittersweet chocolate — but you can always pour in some Bosco for added sweetness.

Elaine’s Little Kicks gets its name from Ms. Benes’ rather-humiliating dance moves but still offers a very unique flavor with notes of cocoa and cinnamon. Last, but certainly not least, Kramer’s Giddy Up is an Ethiopian blend with bursting notes of mango, papaya, and citrus — undoubtedly inspired by the cornucopia of tastes found at Joe’s Fruit Shop. Each of the coffees comes delivered in a 1.8-ounce package in your choice of either whole beans or freshly ground.

These blends will go great with a coffee table book about coffee tables. The Seinfeld Coffee Collection is now available on Bean Box’s website for $28.

Purchase: $28

Photo: Bean Box

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