Veilance’s Spring and Summer 2022 Collection Is Here for Your Technical Needs

It’s no secret that some of the best gear brands on the planet are based in Canada. The country’s proximity to the Arctic, rugged terrain, and harsh winters necessitate quality gear not as a matter of desire but for survival. This cold crucible forged a variety of incredible gear labels, but out of all of them, Arc’teryx consistently ranks as one of, if not the best. Arc’teryx’s techwear-focused sub-brand, Veilance, uses the brilliant and technical engineering of Arc’teryx and adds to it even more high-tech prowess. Now, the brand is making waves yet again with the release of its Spring and Summer 2022 collection.

While Arc’teryx is known for conquering the cold, Veilance makes technical gear that’s tailored to the urban environment. Its Spring and Summer collection, in particular, sheds the bulky insulation of its winter counterparts and employs technical fabrics to protect you from the rain and wind. The new collection offers a host of outerwear, technical shirts, shorts, and pants to outfit you for all things rain and humidity-related. One such item is the Ionic t-shirt, which leverages a quick-drying cotton and polyester blend and an articulated pattern for mobility.

But where this collection truly thrives is with its outerwear, offering an array of minimalist, streamlined jackets that will keep you dry, stylish, and comfortable. The water and wind-resistant Component LT Shirt Jacket sports a TerraTex softshell made with 95% recycled content, while the sharp Spere LT Blazer features a similarly sustainable TerraTex softshell and a three-snap front to evoke an elevated and contemporary feel. Leveraging the waterproof power of GORE-TEX, the long-cut Lexer Coat and the shorter Survey Jacket boast Adjustable Stormhoods, GORE C-KNIT Backer Technology, and ample pockets for storage.

South of the waistline, the collection includes the Secant Track Pant, which boasts a durable Fortius stretch softshell, and the Spere LT Shorts, which are sustainably made, lightweight, and water-resistant. This well-designed, fashionable, and sustainable collection represents how masterful Veilance is at marrying form and function with its versatile technical garments. The Veilance Spring and Summer collection is out now, with pricing starting at $150.

Purchase: $150+