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Scoured: The Best Gear on Huckberry of January 2022

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The new year is in full gear, which means any of those resolutions you may have set yourself are either being adhered to like a strict regimen or slowly decimated. Seeing as we’re merely two weeks in, we’re going to look at this with a cup-half-full mentality and go with the former. To maintain peace of mind, we’re keeping your best holistic interests in ours. Making great use of Huckberry’s consistently versatile array of products, we’ve compiled a list of the best gear to provide you with the health and immune system support you need for the onslaught of 2022, as well as some handsome and comfortable garments to finish it all off. At the end of the day, what better one-stop shop to fill up on gear for the year is there than Huckberry?

Kola Turmeric Latte

It’s hilarious to think how much of a difference a single letter can make, as Kola’s Turmeric Latte serves as an ideal substitute for anyone trying to ween off actual Cola this year. This vegan elixir is boosted with ashwagandha and Ceylon cinnamon, both of which are meant to help with bloating and stress levels. There’s no room for error in this frothy, authentic Sri Lankan delicacy.

Purchase: $26

Seager Co. Wilson Corduroy Snapback

Seager Co.’s subtle, old-west-inspired garments are an ideal fit around these parts, but the brand’s sense of environmental cognizance makes them a perfect addition to this holistic array of gear. Seeing as it is a snapback, this smooth, adjustable piece of headwear is the perfect easy-wearing hat for kicking off the year in casual style.

Purchase: $30

HMM Recycled Glass Mug

This handmade mug comes courtesy of HMM, a Taiwanese crew of craftsmen who are mindful about how you take in your morning brew. It is meticulously made from recycled glass and is a prime example of how helping the environment is seamlessly akin to helping yourself.

Purchase: $35

Wills Cashmere Socks

While mainly known for its unmatched softness, cashmere also provides natural odor-repellent abilities, making it an even more coveted textile. So what better place to make use of this organic shield than on the one body part you may need it most? Wills’ Italian-spun cashmere socks are cozy, chic, and bound to become your new favorite pair as soon as they arrive at the doorstep.

Purchase: $49

GEM Immunity Essentials

Made from a blend of probiotics, turmeric, D3, zinc, and a surfeit of whole food-sourced nutrients, GEM’s month-long supply of dietary supplements is free of any synthetics and added sugars. These neat little bites are available in a single sharp flavor, Citrus Ginger, and they’re sure to provide you with the natural zing you need to keep things healthy.

Purchase: $55

Flint and Tinder 365 Corduroy Pants

As the perfect blend of comfort and style, you can never go wrong with adding some extra corduroy to your closet. These pants from Huckberry’s beloved house brand are a seamless addition to just about anybody’s wardrobe, providing ample style and comfort with the added timelessness of their wale-patterned fabric.

Purchase: $108

The Loftie Alarm Clock

Loftie’s design-centric alarm clock is truly therapeutic, offering a variety of soundscapes that are scientifically calibrated to help you go to sleep and stay there — until it wakes you up, of course. Waking up to your phone’s shrill and generic alarm is so 2021 — we say this is the year we start waking up better.

Purchase: $165

YORK Athletics Mfg. The Via

YORK Athletics Mfg.’s history stretches back to 1946, and they’ve been making trustworthy footwear ever since. The brand’s trail-ready Via kicks sit on Vibram’s sustainable Ecostep outsole and boast a mightily sturdy ripstop upper created from ocean plastics, making this an immaculate pair of workout shoes that are not only friendly to your feet but to the ground they walk on, too.

Purchase: $185

Flint and Tinder Waxed Cotton Quilted Shirt Jacket

It’s impossible to go wrong with anything that comes from Flint and Tinder, and this Waxed Cotton Quilted Shirt Jacket may be one of the best pieces in the brand’s enviable catalog. Insulated by way of recycled PrimaLoft, this diamond-quilted garment also boasts a plethora of pockets to keep your gear and gadgets as organized as necessary. For added protection and style, the shacket’s shell is composed of water-resistant waxed canvas courtesy of British Millerain, the pioneers behind this impeccable textile.

Purchase: $258

GORUCK GR1 Slick 26L Backpack

While much of the workforce is still wheeling and dealing from the comfort of their own homes, many others are still experiencing the daily grind as if a world-stopping pandemic never even came to fruition. For those who still need to wake up, pack up, and head out the door, GORUCK’s got your back — literally. The brand’s cult-favorite, Special Forces-inspired GR1 backpack is composed of ultra-rugged 1000 denier Cordura and features a literally bombproof laptop compartment, so it’s set to take on whatever the conventional workday has in store, and then some.

Purchase: $295

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