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REC’s Latest Limited-Edition Watch Uses Parts from a Custom Triumph

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REC Watches has found a pretty solid niche for itself within the watch industry by crafting watches that aren’t only inspired by automotive and moto legends, but also utilize parts from actual classic vehicles in their construction. The brand’s latest limited-edition timepiece goes the two-wheel route, as REC has partnered with ICON 1000 on the impressive TTT ICON1000.

Like the brand’s TTT Escape, REC’s TTT ICON1000 is both inspired by and made from an iconic Triumph motorcycle. In this case, the muse was ICON 1000 Motorsports’ custom 2013 Triumph “Speedmaster,” a ‘60s-inspired throwback beast of a drag racing bike whose stator cover has been repurposed on the dial of REC’s latest watch. But the stator cover dial isn’t the only reference to the bike you’ll find on the watch.

The TTT ICON1000’s black channeled leather strap was directly influenced by the bike’s custom seat, the lugs mimic the shape of the bike’s exhaust pipes, the phrases “Go Fast” and “Look Flash” are engraved on the sides of the watch, along with lightning bolts — all aesthetic cues that also appear on the bike. Innovatively, the watch’s dial even rotates 30° clockwise, giving the wearer a RIDE mode that makes it easier to read when in the saddle.

Measuring 43mm in stainless steel and housing a Swiss-made SW200-1 automatic movement that’s been customized by Sellita to feature Ruthenium Anthracite plating and a bespoke rotor inspired by the bike’s spoked wheels, the TTT ICON1000 is a timepiece where every detail has been carefully considered. REC’s latest timepiece is limited to just 262 pieces and is available from the brand’s website for $1,495, but if you use the promo code HICONSUMPTION15, you’ll get 15% off.

Purchase: $1,271

Photo: REC Watches
Photo: REC Watches
Photo: REC Watches