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The 10 Best Father’s Day Gifts For The Gearhead

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If you’re anything like most motoring enthusiasts, chances are good that your passion for horsepower and your thirst for torque can be traced back to a moment during your childhood. One in which dad took you under his wing as he worked on cars, watched races, or whiled away the days going on about that elusive dream ride. At the time, it hardly mattered that you didn’t have a license and couldn’t reach the pedals; all he needed was for someone to indulge his interests and share in some of his enthusiasm.

As such, it’s important to thank dad for everything that he’s done. After all, in taking you along for the ride, he unknowingly helped to cultivate one of your greatest interests. However, gearheads are a notoriously picky lot — what with their attention to detail and their opinionated perspective — meaning giving the right gift can prove quite the challenging endeavor. In order to get you off on the right track, we’ve scoured the web high and low, searching only for the gear that’ll put you in his good books. From keychains to coffee table books, we’ve got it all in our guide to the best Father’s Day gifts for the gearhead.

The James Brand The Pike

A knife just begging to be carried, used, and — eventually — passed down from one generation to the next, the James Brand’s take on the tried-and-true non-locking slipjoint combines a Sandvik 12c27 blade with a rosewood-scaled handle to create a modern knife rich with classic detail. This is a knife you can be proud to use day-in and day-out, and there’s no rule saying you have to give up ownership to the next generation… if you don’t want to.

Purchase: $120

K&N Air Filter Keyfob

No matter if your father’s a lover of two wheels or four, he’ll have undoubtedly encountered more than the occasional K&N air filter throughout his mechanical endeavors. Show your appreciation for his oil-infused obsession with this kitschy little keychain — it’s sure to put a smile on his face.

Purchase: $25

Goldtop Unlined Cruiser Gloves

When you’re after a gift that’ll last a lifetime, you can’t go wrong with these cruiser gloves from Goldtop. Crafted from two hides of Aniline cow leather, they make for a pair of mitts that feel great and look the business.

Purchase: $42

100% Barstow Goggle

While old-school moto setups are all the rage these days, dad’s dusty dirt bike goggles won’t be doing him any favors. Instead, give him the Barstow from 100%. Despite their vintage-inspired design, they come with an anti-fog polycarbonate lens, triple-layer face foam, and some built-in air vents.

Purchase: $95

LEGO Porsche 911

A pristine Porsche would make for a great Father’s Day surprise, but that’s a luxury for which few of us have the funds. Luckily, LEGO’s 911 set offers the next best thing, building both a Turbo as well a Targa all from the same pieces. In other words, this is one model that’s sure to stoke his air-cooled enthusiasm.

Purchase: $150

Kruk Garage Tool Roll WS002

Any dad who knows his way around a wrench will need a place to store his tools, and, even if he already has an existing setup, it never hurts to give him something a bit more refined. This waxed, saddle leather tool roll features a vegetable-tanned strap and an antique buckle fastener — a combination that looks good while being made to last.

Purchase: $212

Filson Alcan Canvas Vest

In case you missed it, Filson’s now doing motorcycle gear, having released its very first riding collection earlier this spring. As comfortable at the job site as it is on the bike, this heavy-duty canvas vest offers unbeatable warmth, weather resistance, and impact protection thanks to its cord lining, waxed finish, and built-in ballistic nylon reinforcements.

Purchase: $275

Roland Sands Design x White’s Foreman Boots

Boots are an essential part of any gearhead’s wardrobe — especially if he’s the type to keep a bike kicking around in the garage. This collaborative pair of Foreman boots by Roland Sands and White’s combines choice-cut materials with a moto-specific silhouette to give you the ultimate pair of heritage riding footwear.

Purchase: $460

Danish Fuel Bar Cabinet

Admittedly, we’re not typically fans of most automotive-inspired decor; it’s often lacking in execution. However, this piece from Danish Fuel is one option that proves an exception to the rule, cleverly repurposing an authentic Jerry Can as a bar cabinet that’d be perfectly at home in any brutalist interior.

Purchase: $505

Assouline Formula 1 The Impossible Collection

The product of over 70 years of high-octane photography, Assouline’s Formula 1: The Impossible Collection chronicles the sport from its earliest documented exploits. If dad’s a die-hard racing fan, he’s sure to love everything this comprehensive coffee table book has to offer.

Purchase: $995

REC Watches P-51 Green Hornet

If dad’s automotive obsession knows no bounds, do yourself a favor and get him this timepiece by REC. Sure, it’s a handsome watch in its own right, but when you consider that it features a dial made from Carroll Shelby’s actual 1968 Green Hornet prototype, it makes for an opportunity that seems too good to be true.

Purchase: $1,695