Apple’s Self Service Repair Program Lets You Fix Your iPhone in Your Own Home

Perusing sections at our local Apple Store as we wait on a Genius employee for their assistance is practically part of the zeitgeist — we’ve all been there. At times, seeing all the gadgets meticulously laid across the shop is interesting, but it can grow incredibly unnerving when sitting around too long. Luckily, for DIYers and the generally impatient, Apple has announced Self Service Repair, a program that will allow iPhone 12 and 13 users to tend to their devices on their own.

Offering a grand total of well over 200 individual parts, tools, and specific manuals, Apple’s latest venture looks to provide customers with larger access to their expansive number of genuine tools. While Self Service Repair’s initial phase will pertain to iPhone’s display, camera, and battery, additional options will be available over the course of the next year. But before you clear off your workbench, the tech giant does not recommend just anybody attempting to make these repairs, as they claim that the program is intended for knowledgable technicians who are already aware of how to fix electronic devices, now allowing them to hone that ability to another level. Moreover, having doubled the amount of certified Apple service locations, it only seems right to put that power in the users’ hands.

Users of the most recent couple of iPhones are granted the right to sit at their own desk and get to fixing rather than setting up an appointment and braving their local mall. Launching in 2022, Apple’s latest announcement is one that has its customers in mind as much as ever before.

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Photo: Apple